Don't Buy A New Pool Pump Until You Read This

Don't Buy A New Pool Pump Until You Read This

I Need A New Pool Pump


Whatever you do, do not buy a new pool pump until you read this. If you are like me you have been spending your summers in ignorant bliss. For the last 10 years , each spring I hook up my pool filter system, it runs all summer long and in the fall I take it apart and put it in my shed. Never giving a thought to how much I am spending to keep it running summer after summer. I know it was expensive when I bought it but believe it or not I didn’t think it cost me anything since then. Boy was I WRONG.

Seems that my trusty pool pump has been taking me to the cleaners every summer without me knowing it. Every time I sat in the backyard and heard the humming of the motor I was content that my pump was working, it was working alright, working on emptying my bank account.

Seem my trusty pump is a single speed pump – probably the same type most people have. It runs at one speed – no frills- just does its job. That’s where they get you. I bought a simple no frills pump – single speed to save money. Turns out this is the biggest rip-off out there. My single speed pump COSTS A FORTUNE TO RUN. Who knew?

The Utility companies knew it all along. They tried to tell me but who reads all the inserts packed in with the bill- I have a hard enough time looking at the bill , never mind the add added paperwork. Well it seems that Single speed pumps, like mine, are the least energy efficient type you can buy. In fact it costs us about $530 each summer – THAT’S JUST TO RUN MY PUMP - IT'S CRAZY.

How do they get away with it? It’s easy- the cost to run the pump is buried along with the air conditioning, fan, light and appliance charges. Most people think it’s the AC driving the bill so high- NOPE- IT’S THE POOL PUMP

But there is a way to get back at this highway robbery. Change your pool pump to an Energy Star listed 2 Speed pump. First, it runs at lower RPM’s- this uses a fraction of the electricity a single speed pump uses. Second – the lower consumption cuts your pool pump electric bill by about $366 EVERY SUMMER. If my old pump was an Energy Star 2 speed I would have saved about $4,000 on my electric bill so far- the things I could have done with and extra 4 grand.

Right now most Utility companies will pay me to get an ENERGY STAR 2 Speed or Variable Speed Pump.That’s the sweet spot - getting them to give me money instead of the other way around.

So don’t be fooled - don’t be ripped off getting a single speed pump, unless you enjoy overpaying your electric bill each month.

Oct 19th 2018
Oct 19th 2018 2019/12/12

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