Salt Generator System for Swimming Pools Up to 25,000 Gallons

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BT IG25115
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Never Buy Chlorine Again

Salt Chlorine Generators insure that the "natural" chlorine levels are perfect each and every time.


How SALT is processed into natural chlorine

Step 1: The salt generator generates pure chlorine by passing the pool water between titanium plates that are electrically charged

Step 2: When the saltwater passes through the cell a chemical reaction instantaneously transforms the saltwater into pure chlorine (hypochlorous acid) also known as HCIO

Step 3: The Remaining chlorine HCI breaks down with exposure to sunlight and converts back to salt

Step 4: The genius of the system is that it self regenerates - Making the purchase of both salt and chlorine unnecessary.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I need a special pump or filter to use a Salt System?

A: No, any type of pool pump or filter system will work. Since the Salt Water System regulates the amount of flow going thru the system you can use either a single speed, 2 speed or variable speed pump and any type of filter.


Q: What comes with the generator?

A: Salt Generator Unit comes with a main unit, and salt cell. 


Q: What are the advantages of having a salt water pool?

A: Saltwater pool systems use chlorine generators that convert salt into chlorine. Because of the significantly lower chlorine content in the water, swimming pools that use saltwater systems are less damaging to the skin giving you a silky smooth feeling. It is also less abrasive on equipment.


Q: Do I need to add chlorine?

A: NO! The beauty of the generator is that you will never have to buy chlorine again with a Salt Water System.


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