It was time for Tom to replace his pool pump.  Like most folks, he was appalled at the sky-high prices for pumps, especially at a local pool store.  Tom, being an educated shopper, did his research.  His search led him to the BLACK + DECKER 1.5 hp Energy Star Variable Speed Inground swimming pool pump.  This pump not only has extraordinary 5-star reviews, but Tom was more impressed with the other features.  For one, this pump qualifies for a utility rebate in some regions.  Around $300!  This name brand pump also has an uncanny FIVE year bumper-to-bumper warranty.

Tom’s pump shipped quickly, which was helpful so his swimming pool didn’t have to be down for long, causing problems like algae and cloudy water.  Tom was able to install the pump himself.  Even though it wasn’t an exact swap, he was able to complete some minor plumbing.  So Tom saved money on not having to hire someone to install it!  Once Tom got the BLACK + DECKER 1.5 HP pump successfully installed, he was immediately impressed.  On the higher RPMs it wasn’t much louder than his previous pump.  He was shocked at just how quiet the pool pump was at the lower speeds.  He could hardly hear it as it was “dead silent”.  Being impressed didn’t stop there.  The flow of the BLACK + DECKER pump was a vast improvement over his old fashioned pump. And the simple programming of the pump after a smooth installation confirms Tom is a savvy shopper!

Impressed So Far”

“My install was not a direct fit so I did have to spend a little time changing the routing on the piping.  Overall, everything went smoothly.  The pump was easy to hook up and program.  It turned on and primed perfectly and did its job.  It's a little louder at 3,000-3200 RPMS than I thought it would be; However, it is dead silent when it runs at low speeds.  I can definitely see the difference in flow versus the pump that was replaced”

-Tom O.

So glad to hear it, Tom!  With the BLACK + DECKER products, shopping for pool equipment has been a game changer.  We no longer have to sacrifice quality for a low price.  Just look at Tom.  He saved money, got speedy shipping, had an easy install, thus saving money on hiring someone, has basically no noise at lower speeds and an improvement on flow!  Let’s hand it to Tom for doing such good research and recognizing quality when he saw it.