Best Way to Keep Bugs Away From Your Backyard Pool

They creep, they crawl, they fly around, and fall into our swimming pool.  Yup.  Bugs.  While they are good for nature, we don’t especially want them in and around our swimming pools.  Here are some tips to prevent this.

One way is to buy a bug misting system.  These machines actually shoot out bug repellant. Sometimes they are motion activated, sometimes they just intermittently spray.  You have to have someplace to put them and they can be an eyesore.

Another way, which multi-tasks, is to use a solar cover.  Not only are you heating your pool 7-10 degrees under ideal conditions, you have a “bug shield” to catch bugs.  The tricky part is getting the cover off without letting the bugs pour into the water.

Less of an eyesore is to put out bird feeders.  They will not only attract the beauty of birds, but the birdies will help maintain your bug problem.

You can also set out bug traps.  These work by using an appealing scent to lure those pests inside.  This is one of the easiest methods in my opinion.  Some bug traps poison, trap or even shock the bugs!

If you really have a bug problem, you can always screen in your swimming pool.  This is a popular method in regions like Florida.  Not so much in California.  This is the most expensive way to fend off the fiends.

Don’t want to shell out the big bucks for an enclosed area?  You can try outdoor curtains.  They work very much in the same way as an enclosement, but for a fraction of the price.  You may want to combine the curtains with another option we talked about here for extra protection.

Believe it or not, your landscape can play a major role in attracting critters.  Tall grass is a breeding ground for our winged friends.  Plus, it gives you extra incentive to bust out your lawnmower.  

Beware of other bodies of water near your pool.  If you have, say a koi pond, this will just add to the bug problem.  Most people do not want to get rid of ponds so this is probably not your best bet in bug control.  You can always add a larvicide in your pond or other bodies of water.  This kills off the larva of the bugs which stops nature in its tracks.

Scented candles and other scent creating items are an easy way to keep the pests away.  What smells ok to us can smell awful to some bugs and create an invisible barrier to fend them off.

Time to bust out the marshmallows!  Did you know having a campfire will deter bugs.  You can install a fire pit or outdoor fire pit and once again multitask.

There are special lights you can put up that are designed to scare away buggies.  You are probably thinking that lights attract bugs.  Some lights do.  But there are special yellow lights you can buy that do the opposite.  

Back to the landscape.  Planting certain herbs like rosemary, mint and garlic will not only spice up your dinner, but can be another deterrent for bugs.

Keep your water balanced!  A lot depends on your water chemistry.  If you do not have enough chlorine or have not created ideal conditions for the chlorine to be effective, then bugs will naturally be drawn to your water.  Yet another win for proper water chemistry!

If you have tried all of this and more, it may be time to bite the bullet and call a pro.  Exterminators can help eliminate bugs because, well, that is what they are trained to do.

The final tip…live with it.  So you have to scoop some bugs out when you clean your pool.  If it isn’t that bad, it isn’t that bad.  See you poolside!

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