BLACK + DECKER Pool Pump Too Good to Be True? Not So Fast!

Boy, was Jason bummed when his pool pump got corroded and died after just six years!  After doing his research, he saw that pool pumps at pool supply stores, and even online, had gone up a ridiculous amount.  Way more than the National average of inflation.  This, understandably, was unacceptable to Jason.  So, he did his research.  He decided he wanted a name brand, quality, easy to install, pool pump…without breaking the bank.  He researched the American made, household name of BLACK + DECKER  variable speed pool pumps.  After reading about all the features and benefits, as well as all of the positive reviews from consumers, he took the plunge and purchased a BLACK + DECKER 2.0 HP variable speed pool pump. 

He found he was impressed right from the start.  The packaging was awesome.  The craftsmanship and weight of the pump was astounding.  The ease in which this DIYer was able to plumb in the pump kept his thoughts on his decision right on.  He was even able to program it himself and compared it to the ease of setting a digital watch!  Once the pump was fired up, the smooth sound of quality washed over him.  No more struggling “hum” of a no-good pool pump.  Jason continues to enjoy the low energy usage and finds his new BLACK + DECKER even more energy efficient than his previous Hayward pool pump.  

“It Seems to Good to Be True, But So Far it’s GREAT”

Jason S.

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“Like so many others, I was a bit skeptical as I really didn’t think of BLACK + DECKER [as] a ‘high quality’ brand, let alone a leader in pool appliances, but I am so happy to be wrong.  Our Hayward Super Pump variable speed failed after just 6 years of pretty tame use…some sort of internal seal to the motor failed based on the corrosion.  I think I was shocked to find it had DOUBLED in price in 6 years…we’ve had inflation, no doubt, but it hasn’t been 12% a year!  When I stumbled across the BLACK + DECKER model and found the price was almost 40% less than the Hayward, and that the reviews were very positive, I took the plunge.

Anyhow, the pump arrived wonderfully packaged.  It feels a bit lighter than the Hayward, but not a lot, and it certainly feels high quality.  I get the comments about the orange making it look like a toy, and I don’t disagree, but especially with the bulkiest base off, it doesn’t look cheap or weak.  I had done my homework so I wasn’t too surprised by much, except for one welcome surprise: The electrical connections are better placed, easier accessed, and more separated from the main circuit board.

Hook up was a relative breeze, and the instructions tell you how to configure the base for the easiest swap depending on your current pump brand.  The included/semi-integrated union fittings are a brilliant addition, especially since they seem to be marketing these pumps to owners rather than the professional installers.

Once I had it hooked up and the pvc cement was set, I filled the basket with water, closed the (really, really great) lid, and flipped the breaker on before starting it up. [At] its default highest speed, 3000 RPM, I was simply stunned at how quiet the pump is, and how ‘smooth’ that there is sounds.  It primed quickly and ran without an issue from there.  I was also pleased to find that my 2.0 BLACK + DECKER pump reported using about 10% less wattage than the Hayward 1.65 HP reported for the RPMs.  Of course, it wasn’t a fair fight with the Hayward in its current condition. 

If forced to give a complaint, and keep this review credible I suppose, the only thing I find a little frustrating is the process for setting the schedule.  Its much like setting up a simple digital watch.  The display is a simple, single-color LCD, not unlike that of [a] watch, and the settings are carried out though a series of pushing buttons many, many times to get what you need.  You can hold the button and it will move faster, but not significantly.  The Hayward had a single-color LCD as well, but it was more robust and walked the user [through] the process in a way the BLACK + DECKER cannot.  Would I have paid an extra $50 for a control more like the Hayward? Maybe. $100?  No.  Its really not that big a deal, but if you’re that person who has to ask a friend to change your clocks when Daylight Savings comes around, you might want to phone that friend.

Overall, this is a fantastic product based on a few days of usage, and the 5-year warranty ranks among the best available.  I have an 8-year-old, unbranded heat pump that I think is nearing end of life, and at this point, I’m sure I will check out the BLACK + DECKER offering for that, too.”

Wow!  Thanks to Jason for walking us step by step through the easy process of purchasing, installing, and programming the BLACK + DECKER 2.0 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump.  And we couldn’t agree more with your findings!  The 5-year, bumper-to-bumper, warranty will surely continue to give you peace of mind at your sound investment.  Black and Decker has lended its expertise to many great products from brushes, to pool pumps, to cover pumps and to a variety of heat pumps.  Jason, we look forward to another awesome review once you invest in a quality BLACK + DECKER heat pump.  See you poolside!