Brandon Saved A Thousand Dollars on High Quality Pool Heat Pump

There is nothing worse than having a major piece of swimming pool equipment go out, especially during the peak of swim season!  Brandon S. had been using his Hayward heat pump since he purchased the home.  Imagine his surprise when he looked up the price on a replacement Hayward heat pump!  Brandon, being the savvy shopper that he is, did his homework.  He found that he needed a large heat pump to heat his gigantic 20 x40 swimming pool. He came across the name brand BLACK + DECKER Pool Heat Pump which offers 137,000 BTUs which will heat up to 45,000 gallons of water. He knew the trusted household, American made name of BLACK + DECKER and that they were known for quality.  He took the plunge and purchased the BLACK + DECKER heat pump which surprisingly was $1,000 LESS than a comparable Hayward brand.  Brandon even found the installation easy enough to do himself.  He has made it through his first season and compares the BLACK + DECKER’s performance to that of his old Hayward.  It kept his 20 x 40 pool at a comfortable 83 degrees for Brandon and his family to enjoy. 


Happy with Purchase”

Brandon S.


“First season with [the] heat pump.  So far, so good.  Pool is 20 x 40 and located in Maine.  Replaced [the] Hayward heat pump that was installed when we bought the house.  Has similar performance to [the] previous unit and has no problem maintaining pool at 83 degrees, but was over a thousand dollars less than [the] comparable Hayward unit. Installed myself.  Routing the wires through was kind of a pain, but overall pretty easy to install if the electric is ready to go.”


Way to go, Brandon!  You not only saved $1000 big ones, but were able to save additional money on paying someone to install it.  Not a DIYer yourself?  Not to worry.  Any pool repair professional can be hired to install your new BLACK + DECKER Heat Pump.  These heat pumps are energy saving and built to last like all BLACK + DECKER equipment is. These heat pumps come in a variety of sizes.  When I say “size”, I am referring to the heat output.  The heat output is measured in British Thermal Units (BTUS).  We have a model for every pool’s heating needs.  Thanks, Brandon, for sharing your experience with us to help others make the smart choice of saving a ton of money AND getting a quality product that can stand up to any other major brand.  Enjoy, Brandon!  See you poolside!



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