Cleaning Grandma’s Pool with thep00lguy (VIDEO)

As Miles says, “The time has finally come.” He’s a professional pool maintenance expert who documents his house calls for a wide audience of pool lovers under the name thep00lguy. And he knows his way around any job.

But when it comes to grandma’s pool, he’s in for it.

I talk a lot on the blog about what happens when a pool isn’t maintained. But usually I’m talking about missing maintenance for a few weeks, or improperly closing your pool for the winter.

This pool didn’t just sit untreated and unused for a few weeks, or a month. Instead, it sat for fifteen years. I’ll let that sink in: that’s fifteen years of algae, fifteen years of erosion.

And fifteen years of bacteria.

Take it straight from thep00lguy: “This is probably the worst pool I’ve had to work on.”


It’s one thing to talk about having a swamp for a pool. But it’s another thing entirely to see it.

In this case, Miles’s team stepped up to help finish the job. And PoolPartsToGo stepped up, too, by sending thep00lguy some of our heavy-duty gear—including our patented 360 degree brushes. What better way to put our equipment to the test?

See it for yourself here

Spoiler alert: the test was passed with flying colors. But this is one transformation you don’t want to miss. (Especially considering it begins with wheelbarrels full of slimy sludge.)

To make sure this never happens again, we’re supplying Miles with the top-of-the-market Black & Decker variable-speed pool pump, our genius MyBot robotic cleaner, and the beastly Black & Decker cover pump. These three products are our top recommendations for making maintenance easier, more economic, and more effective than ever.

Remember: prevention is always better than a cure!


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