A swimming pool pump is a required piece of equipment on your pool’s equipment system.  As the water is drawn in through the skimmer and/or main drain, it then gets pushed through your circulation system.  It makes many stops, some of which may include a heater, salt system and definitely your swimming pool filter.  Without proper circulation it is impossible to keep a clear, clean and safe swimming pool.  What happens when the breaker that your pump is connected to goes out?  We lose power and therefore cannot circulate our pool.  This can lead to algae, cloudy water and sometimes unsafe water.

Where to Look

Your GFCI breaker is usually found near the pool area.  It is housed in a steel or metal box.  It can be behind your meter as well.  Look at your GFCI wiring diagram to help direct you to the main breaker.  We need all power off while we complete our task.  There is usually a panel that covers all of the breakers.  Unscrew it and place it, and the screws, in a safe place.

The Power Within

You should have a digital multimeter to safely complete this task.  If you don’t, you may want to hire a professional as you will not be able to test for power, AKA electricity.  Use this to make sure there is no electricity coming to your panel.

A Picture is Worth 1000 Words

If you are afraid you won’t remember the wiring, take a picture!  This can be priceless later. Once you have a photo, pull the old circuit breaker.  You’ll want to start with the end that doesn’t have the wires attached.  You’ll next pull the end that does have the wires, but you’ll need a screwdriver to remove the wired part.

New is Better

Grab a hold of the now exposed wires and connect them to the new GFCI circuit breaker.  Put the screw back on.  Push it in.  To know it is in its proper place look for a small notch and push the breaker into the bracket in the notch first.  You’ll hear it click into place.  Then go ahead and snap on the other end of the breaker.

I Have the Power!

Once the new breaker is properly installed, go ahead and turn back on the main breaker.  Turn on your swimming pool system to ensure your pool pump is running.  Viola!

My Pool Pump Still Isn’t Working

If you have properly replaced the breaker and your swimming pool pump still won’t come on then you may need to replace your pool pump.  You’ll want to go with the newest technology of a variable speed pool pump.  These pumps can be run at a variety of speeds on a much lower RPM than your old single speed pump used to operate on.  By running it lower longer, you use less power.  Less power=less power bill=more money in your pocket.

Think you can’t afford a variable speed pool pump?  Think again.  Ditch your local swimming pool store for a second and check out the name brand BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool Pumps.  They are easy to install and are American made.  They come with a crazy long 5 year warranty too.  With a variety of horsepowers available, you are sure to find your perfect variable speed pump here. See you poolside!

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