How Important is Brushing Your Pool?

 We have a pole, a net and a brush.  We use the net, obviously, to scoop out debris that we can physically see. But what about brushing our pool?  Do we only do it when we see visible algae growth?  If so, we are a day (or days) late, and a dollar short.  Did you know that along with sanitizer, circulation and proper filtration, brushing your pool is a major way to prevent algae?  

Our Surface

Pools come in a variety of surfaces.  Some of the most common are gunite (plaster), Pebble Tec/Pebble Sheen, tile and vinyl (whether made of, or with a vinyl liner).  If we have a pool that has surface imperfections, such as one would see with aging plaster, we are more prone to getting algae build up.  Think of it as the surface of an English Muffin.  As you spread butter on a muffin, doesn’t it get caught on the little nooks and crannies?  The same principle applies to algae adhering to the surface of your pool.  Once you can see visible algae growth, the bloom has been happening for several days already.  By brushing regularly, we limit the algae’s ability to take a foothold on our surface.  You may feel the walls getting “slimy” before a visible algae bloom.  This is a red flag that you are in for some trouble.

Different Types of Brushes

You will need to invest in a brush that is designed for your surface.  Not only to prevent damage to the surface, but to get the most out of this crucial piece of cleaning equipment.

The most common brush types are designated for the surface and the need.  A nylon brush is good on any pool service and is intended for frequent use.  A wire brush is also often referred to as an “algae” brush.  Due to the severity of the wire, this is something we want to use sporadically.  Good examples of these times would be if you see visible algae growth, have lingering algae marks after an algae treatment or to scrub off other stubborn stains that you may have accrued from metals in the water.  When using the wire brush , we have to be careful not to damage the surface.  Never use a wire brush on vinyl or tiled pools.  

Combo brushes are a good option for the “best of both worlds” because you have a mix of vinyl filaments with a few wired filaments blended in.  It has a little more gumption when it comes to removing build up on our pool’s surface.  Vinyl brushes are also typically made of nylon, but often a more gentle material.  Tile brushes aren’t usually bristles at all, but more like a “layered” sponge or low grade sandpaper.  These can typically be purchased in varying “harshness” qualities.  There are also “Universal Brushes” which are the newest technology and are safe for any surface. Brushes also come in different lengths, so go with one that can cover the most surface area, but is still comfortable enough to give you the leverage you need.

How to Brush Your Pool

We want to brush at least once a week.  You may be able to get away with every 2 weeks, but don’t let it go any longer than that.  We want to brush every inch of our pool’s surface, including corners.  They make corner brushes, which kind of look like a toilet bowl cleaner.  But there are brushes out there that give you the best of both worlds.  We will talk a bit more about that in a bit.

Standing at the edge of your pool, you will want to hold your pole with the brush attached parallel to the pool wall.  Start at the top and push the brush down the side and as far to the middle of the pool as you can reach.  Then scooch over and do the same thing either coming up from the middle of the pool to the top, or starting at the top again.  Make your way around the pool.  Don’t forget the spa!  If you have tile around the top of your pool, utilize a tile soap and gently brush side to side using either your vinyl bristled brush or a tile brush. Don’t forget to rinse!

Invest in a Good Quality Brush

I think of pool brushes like toothbrushes.  You can buy a dollar store toothbrush and have the bristles falling out after a few weeks, or you can invest in a quality toothbrush that will not only do a better job of cleaning your teeth, but have you taking less trips to the store to replace it.  The same principles apply to pool brushes.  I really like the universal pool brushes that give you 360 degrees of cleaning power. This eliminates the need to hunch, crunch or strain. 

Did you know that Black and Decker even makes a pool brush?  Developed and endorsed by long time pool experts, partnered with a renowned leader of American manufacturing.  This patented technology of the 360 degree revelation makes this oh-so-needed task of brushing our pools easier on our bodies and leaves our pool sparkly clean.  

The best part to me about the high quality brushes available at is that you don’t have to break the bank.  You go into your local pool store and can easily drop $50 on an old style brush whereas you can invest LESS money in NEWER technology.  Need I say more? Pool Parts To Go even offers a 3-Pack Brush Bundle with small, medium and large brushes that saves you $13 off versus buying them individually.


If you have a pool service, request that the tech brush the pool on each visit.  If you are doing it yourself and have maybe been slacking because you view it as an arduous task?  Avoid no more!  Technology is advancing my friends, and this extends to the swimming pool industry.  You no longer have to avoid brushing because of how difficult it is because you were using the wrong type of pool brush.  Check out the up-to-date brushes we have available and make one of your pool chores easier, not only on the surface, but on you!  See you poolside!