How One Customer Used a Cover Pump in a “Non-Traditional Way"

How The Sunnora Swimming Pool Pump Saved Brandy’s Basement

Brandy, a Pool Parts to Go Loyal customer, was thinking outside of the box when she used her Sunnora Swimming Pool Pump. She was facing a crisis! Due to the transient heat located in her basement, the Spring thaw was happening…in her basement!  Water was flooding her basement!  We know how much damage that could have caused. Instead of using her regular water pump that she usually went for and had to plug in every couple of hours,  Brandy turned to her pool equipment to help.  Namely, her cover pump.  Since the pump was fully submersible and plugged into a standard 110 v outlet, she was able to use it to suit her basement needs and save her basement from being flooded! The pump also knows when to shut off so Brandy didn’t need to worry about going back every couple of hours to check. Pretty smart of her, right?

“I used the pump for non-traditional use.  As an emergency service to drain and keep draining during this Spring’s thaw, transit heat runs in a basement.  If not for the pool pump, I was manually plugging in a regular water pump every few hours to bring the water level down.”

-Brandy G

Way to go, Brandy!  We are so glad you had a quality cover pump that could do the trick. We are glad you were able to save your basement!  We are so glad we could help!  Thank you for the 5-star review.  Reviews like hers help us know that our quality products are doing the trick.  They also let us know super cool stuff like using our products in a non-traditional way.

We typically use cover pumps on our pool’s cover, right?  We know that standing water can be heavy and we run the risk of it ripping or tearing our pool cover.  We also know that standing water can be a drowning risk for children and small animals.  We now know, thanks to Brandy, that these fully submersible pumps can be used to pump water out of nearly anywhere!

If a cover pump is not used during the off season, you’ll have to go and rent one when you decide to open your swimming pool.  Or, you will need to hire a professional.  Such professionals charge by the hour and this can get expensive.  Even if you find one that does it for a flat rate, we are talking hundreds of dollars.  Prices vary from company to company and also where you live.

Important Facts about the Sunnora Cover Pump

The Sunnora Swimming Pool Cover Pump is an automatic pump that pumps out a whopping 1,500 gallons of water per hour!  Dual automatic switch drains to ⅛ inch of water and activates at 4.25 inches of water.  It has an extra-long discharge hose for efficient draining.  It has a protective and fully submersible pump body and a standard hose adapter.  This makes for quick and easy setup.  It comes with a patented pre-filter pad to prevent clogging.  Don’t worry about it reaching because it has a 25 foot power cord!   

Have you used one of the groovy products from for anything other than its intended use?  If so, drop a review so we can share your outside of the box thinking, just like Brandy’s, to help inspire other friends!  In need of a cover pump still? You can find the Sunnora and more here!  See you poolside!