How to Install a Booster Pump

I would like to start off by saying that I am not a professional installer.  What these are are general steps one would take when installing a booster pump so you know what you would be getting yourself into..  Always, always consult your owner’s manual or hire a professional.  

What is a Booster Pump?

A booster pump is traditionally used most to power a pressure side automatic pool cleaner.  If your pool has a designated pressure line, then you would choose this type of cleaner.  A very popular brand is Polaris.  Unlike suction cleaners that utilize your swimming pool’s pump and filter, these cleaners are pushed through the pool independently, with the help of a booster pump.  They have completely self contained debris bags and therefore put less strain on your equipment.  Booster pumps of this type are for permanently installed pools.

Another reason one would purchase a booster pump would be for their spa.  Usually these are separate , single speed pumps that generate extra pressure for spa jets.  They are also utilized for water features and infinity edge swimming pools.


It is recommended that you first install a 20 amp breaker to accommodate the booster pump.  Most booster pumps come from the factory wired for 240v, but can be changed to 120v.  A separate timer is suggested for the booster pump to control the on/off functions. 


A booster pump requires a dedicated return line.  You’ll want to plumb it into the system so as the filtration system always provides it with flow.  Plumb this dedicated line upstream from any air inducing system.  If you have a heater, you’ll need to plumb downstream at least 3 feet from the heater discharge.  Plumb the pump inlet upstream from any chlorinators as well.


You’ll want to mount the pump with concrete expansion anchors. Slide the quick connect retainer ring over the Softtube quick connect threads.  You’ll also want to install quick connections onto the discharge of the pump and supply ports.  Seal these with a clear silicone.  Next you would measure and cleanly cut the reinforced hosing .  Try to avoid any unnecessary bends.

Push your hose onto the quick connection until it is flush against the base of the barb. While holding the barb in place, you’ll want to pull while twisting the sleeve on the quick connect and make sure it snaps into place.

Check Water Flow

When you are done with the plumbing, check to see if there is flow to the pump by turning it on.  You’ll need to disconnect the inlet.  That way you can see if water is flowing from the line.

Are Booster Pumps Expensive?

They can be.  Many thanks to for teaching me about booster pump installation..  As I mentioned, Polaris is a fantastic brand.  But their booster pumps can get  up there in price. has a direct replacement!  It is just as high quality. And for a fraction of the cost. Check it out here.  The” Blue Torrent Universal Booster Pump

Pump will replace the Polaris PB460 Pump Motor is dual voltage Direct Replacement For Polaris Booster Pump Dual Voltage 115/230V (Comes pre-wired 110v) Direct Replacement for PB 460 Pump 1 HP Max Rated - Same as Polaris Fittings Included to fit older model Polaris Units Does Not Include Cord 1 Year Factory Warranty”

So, to answer your question…they don’t have to be…if you know where to shop.  See you poolside!

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