Is a Swimming Pool a Good Investment?

This is an excellent question, especially if your main reason for building a swimming pool is to increase the value of something.  Whether it be social value or property value, it actually all depends on you.  With any luxury item, how well we take care of it over the years will play a major part in it’s value when the time comes to sell it

Social Value

This is one reason people decide to either build their own pool, buy an above ground pool or spa, or, purchase a piece of property that already has a body of water on it.  We typically think of “value” in terms of money.  But many-a-pool owners long for, and experience, an increase in what we will call “social value”.  A swimming pool or spa is a great activity producer.  Whether you use it for relaxation, to stay fit, keep the kids busy,  or to host those killer neighborhood events. 

If you suffer from a physical condition, including metal ailments, a swimming pool is a great resource for relieving those associated symptoms.  We all know the physical benefits of exercise.  But think how much relaxing in a warm spa at the end of a long work day could literally melt away your stress.  A swimming pool, swimming pool/spa combo or just a spa can have serious medical and mental uplifters.

Have kids?  What kid doesn’t love swimming away those Summer months?  While no child should be left unattended while near, or using a pool, I have often heard from many clients that a swimming pool is a “great babysitter”.  It provides an excellent outdoor activity that you only have to go a few steps out of your backdoor to get to.

Do you like to host parties?  Barbeques?  Or just a groovy backyard shindig?  Having a swimming pool makes such events all the more inviting and fun.  Just think, you could be the “cool house on the block” and known for your holiday or weekend pool parties.  

While we cannot put a nominal value on social status, we would be foolish not to take it into consideration.

Property Value

Yes, having a swimming pool does add value to your home.  It may not be quite as much as you would expect.  When you take into consideration the amount of time and money you will need to put into building/buying and  properly maintaining the swimming pool’s water, surface and equipment, there really isn’t a guarantee that you will “make your money back”. 

As far as your home’s resale value, adding a swimming pool will add approximately 7% to your home’s value.  This is according to  Of course, this varies from region to region and from buyer to buyer.  It may be more or less depending on your location and how interested potential buyers are in owning a home with a swimming pool.

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

As we briefly touched on above, value depends on the quality.  Whether your main focus is social value or property value, your swimming pool will need to be inviting.  This means a good surface, functioning up-to-date equipment, and clear, safe water.

Believe it or not, all of these things can be affected by your pool water’s chemistry.  No one wants to swim in, or buy, an algae-ridden swimming pool.  Whether you hire a pool professional or are a DIYer , you’ll want to make sure your water chemistry is on point.  This not only makes it safe for the swimmers, but can prevent damage to your swimming pools’s surface, plumbing and equipment.  

Maintaining the Pool Yourself

If you are taking care of the pool yourself, you will want to brush it every week.  This prevents algae spores from taking a foothold on your swimming pool’s surface.  I really like the 360 degree technology of these brushes

You will also need to net out any debris with a quality pool net.  Both your brush and your net will easily be exchanged to fit your telescopic pole. Get a heavy duty net that will not only work better, but have the longevity to save you from having to run online or to your local pool supply store to replace every few months.

Test, test, test!  Proper water chemistry is super duper important as we have mentioned.  Never add chemicals without testing the water first.  How else will you know what your pool needs and what amount to get it properly balanced.  This can be done with an at-home test kit that uses reagents, or with a much simpler test strip.  You can also take your water in periodically to a local pool store for a second opinion, or to have it checked for fields, such as copper, that your home test kit may not test for.  You can kill many birds with one stone with this affordable, yet quality package. 


Increasing the value includes trying to spend as little money as possible to operate your pool.  A major cost associated with maintaining a swimming pool is the pool pump.  Did you know that the pool pump is the second most expensive thing to operate in your home behind your A/C unit? With the advanced technology out there, like Variable Speed (energy efficient) pool pumps you can save a ridiculous amount.  The American made, home-known name of BLACK + DECKER makes a quality, affordable, Variable Speed Pool Pump   Have an above ground swimming pool?  Not to worry! has you covered there as well!  .  Bet you didn’t even know a Variable Speed Pool Pump was even available to above ground pool owners!

Whatever your reasoning behind the decision to get a swimming pool, just keep in mind it takes time and money to properly operate and maintain.  And there is one question only you can answer?  How valuable is your time?  If what you read here sounds like a swimming pool is for you, www.poolpartstogo has you covered!  See you poolside!  (If you invite me, that is)


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