Recovering from Hurricane Ian With a Great New Heat Pump

Natural disasters wreak havoc and can destroy property, lives and over all spirits.  Sometimes one has to rebuild from the ground up.  This includes the swimming pool equipment.  Mitchell W., a Pool Parts to Go Customer, had to do just that.  He needed a new heat pump.  Obviously,  things were tight because of all of the destruction from the hurricane.  But when it came time to get going on the swimming pool equipment, he knew just where to turn for his new heat pump.  He wanted quality, good customer service, good tech support and value.  It sounds like he got all of the above.

“We were recovering after Hurricane Ian.  This heater fit the bill for my size pool/spa.  Free shipping promotion, and it arrived at my doorstep in Florida in 4 days.  Customer service/pool experts were outstanding [in] coach[ing] me through the installation.  “Thank you, Cody”.  I would have given five stars, but longevity is still in question.  They really deserve five stars.  Awesome sales, shipping and customer service.  I highly recommend and will purchase again.”

-Mitchell W.- Florida

The heat pump that Mitchell purchased was an Energy-Saving ComforTemp Pool Heat Pump.  It has a heat output of 80,000 BTUs and will heat up to 15,000 gallons! Economical, energy-saving, and fast-acting, the ComforTemp pool heat pump tops the market in craftsmanship and value. This model reduces costs by using an evaporation condenser built from corrosion-resistant titanium to compress warm, ambient air around your pool into hot water, instead of wasting energy to create warmth from scratch. With high-efficiency fins designed to catch heat fast and 80,000 BTU capability to heat 15,000 gallons, this pump works at a quiet and rapid-fire speed throughout the seasons. Common- sense controls, easy-to-read LED indications, and a microprocessor that automatically monitors its own performance all work to ensure painless and reliable use. Featuring BT certification and a one-year limited warranty, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a comfortable, soothing swim—no matter what the weather! Works with both Fresh and Salt-Water Pools. Energy-Saving ComforTemp Pool Heat Pump ... - PoolPartsToGo

We are so glad we could help you start rebuilding your life and home and swimming pool.  Even if you are not recovering from a natural disaster, who doesn’t like a good quality, affordable, name brand product?  As Mitchell stated, the customer service and tech support you will receive is second to none.  We have everything from heat pumps, variable speed pool pumps to 360 technology brushes.  Whether you are rebuilding, re-doing or building for the first time, we have something for everyone.

Mitchell, thank you for your outstanding review!  We are so glad to hear success stories, especially from someone recovering from a natural disaster.  See you poolside!