VIDEO: How to Clean a Hot Tub the Right Way with thep00lguy MI

This is for the lucky ones among us. There’s nothing like having a hot tub for a good, long soak—and it’s well worth the maintenance required to keep the water from turning slime green. But contrary to common belief, maintaining your hot tub the right way goes further than throwing in some chemicals and considering the job done. Do that, and your water is going to be sitting in warm temperatures for a long, long time—and accumulating some nasty, microscopic stuff we’d rather not think about.


No matter what, your hot tub is going to need a total refresh every few months—otherwise, your sanitizer will get crowded out by gross byproducts of everything it’s neutralized, the organic materials swimmers bring in, and cloudy, milky water. And although it sounds daunting, cleaning your hot tub is super straightforward and even therapeutic process. In this video, thep00lguy MI shows just how—with the help of the genius, patented Blue Torrent 360-Degree Pool Brush.

How to Clean a Hot Tub the Right Way—In Five Steps

1. Start Draining the Hot Tub 

Using a submersible pump, empty the hot tub as much as possible.

2. Get Your Scrub On

While the tub is draining, it’s critical to scrub the entire surface of the hot tub. This is where the 360-Degree Pool Brush really comes in handy, since it can reach all the nooks and crannies a normal brush can’t.

3. Finish the Drain and Scrub Again

If the submersible pump leaves some water left over, vacuum the rest up, along with any debris. Then, fill a bucket of fresh water and diluted cleaning solution and scrub the whole tub. Give it a rinse, and scrub again, then rinse again.

4. Clean Your Filter

Remove the filter and hose it down until it’s totally clean.

This article explains how you can backwash your pool filter efficiently.

5. Fill It Up

Next, fill the pool up and turn the systems back on. Balance your hot tub chemicals, and then give yourself a pat on the back—you did it!


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