What Kind of Brush Should I Use for My Pool?

We all know that having a swimming pool isn’t all fun and games.  Heck no!  Maintaining a swimming pool takes work and costs money.  I feel using your time and money wisely is always best.  There are a few crucial things one must do regardless of pool size, surface, region, etc.  That is to brush the pool.  

Brushing the swimming pool walls and floors removes dirt and debris so it can be vacuumed up or sucked into your skimmer and into your swimming pool filter.  It also does another extremely important thing:  It gets rid of any algae spores that may be taking a foothold on your pool’s surface. 

“But, I don’t see any algae?”  is a common misconception.  By the time we can see visible algae growth, it has been growing for several days.  You may even notice a slimy feel to your pool’s surface right before a visible bloom.

So now that we understand the importance of brushing our pool, let’s talk about the types of swimming pool brushes out there and which one is best for your particular swimming pool needs.

A Wire Brush

This is also referred to as an “algae” brush.  That is because it is NOT for regular use.  Because of their durable design of real aluminum, or even stainless steel, they are not intended for delicate surfaces like vinyl, or for more than a sporadic brush to get rid of algae, algae stains, or other tough stains one might see from foliage or metals.  Stainless steel brushes will not harm plaster or Pebble Tech surfaces, but again, use as little as possible.

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A Pebble Tech Brush

A “Pebble Tech” brush, typically has coarser and more heavy duty to get rid of algae, dirt, grit etc from deep down in the surface.  This will give you a little more leverage than a vinyl brush, but not as much as a wire brush would.

A Combo Brush

This is a great middle of the road solution.  It is approximately a 50/50 mix of both the stainless steel you would find in a wire brush, and the nylon you would find in a nylon brush.  It is a little tougher than a vinyl and a little more forgiving than a wire brush.  I have heard that these types of brushes can cause a “streaked” look to your pool so be aware of that.

A Nylon Brush

This is the most commonly used type of swimming pool brush.  Its gentle design of nylon fibers will knock off all that dirt and debris.  It will take off the algae spores.  Like all bushes, they come in a variety of widths.  Choose a width you feel will be the most comfortable for you while you are doing your weekly brushing

A Corner Brush

These little guys kind of look like your toilet bowl brush.  They come in wire, nylon and combo.  They attach to your regular telescopic pole just like these other brushes.  They are great for those hard to reach corners of your swimming pool.  Especially around steps.

A Universal Brush

The newest technology in swimming pool brushes is the universal pool brush.  Designed for ANY pool’s surface, there is no need to buy multiple.  What about the corners?  Well, with a patented 360-Degree technology, you have your “corner” brush on either end of your universal brush!  They come in 3 different sizes.  They are ergonomic and effective.  They even come in a combo pack, so you get all the sizes you may need to keep your pool and spa sparkling - and you save over $11. The 360-Degree brushes currently come in 12", 18” and 24" sizes.

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So there you have it.  No matter which brush you choose, make sure your pool is brushed WEEKLY.  You can go as long as two weeks, but I wouldn’t suggest going any longer than that; Especially in the summer months.  See you poolside!


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