What to Look For in a Quality Cover Pump

What is a Cover Pump?

Living on the West Coast, this California gal had actually never even heard of a cover pump.  We don’t winterize our pools here.  So this article was actually a learning opportunity for me as well.  If you live in a region where you do winterize your pool a cover pump is an essential pool closing accessory; Whether you have an inground pool or an above ground pool.  When the water that accumulates on your cover and reaches a certain level, it needs to be drained. This is true both throughout the cold months and before you remove the cover.

A cover pump would sit on top of your pool cover and relieve the stress of the pressure the excess water weight can add as the Winter marches on. They need to be left on the entire Winter Just make sure the hose is always directed away from both the pool and the house to avoid a catastrophe.  Cover pumps come in two styles:  manual and electric.  Both styles are compact and lightweight. Both attach to a standard garden hose Just as your pool water needs to be cleaned, so does your pool cover.

Manual Cover Pumps

These pumps are less expensive, but have to be turned off manually.  These are ideal for the meticulous homeowners who take on their pool maintenance daily.  Manual pool cover pumps need to be turned on and manually.  This means they work without electricity or batteries. They use the power of water to remove the water build up.  

Some manual pumps come with a discharge hose and some do not and it has to be bought separately.  Manual cover pumps also come in different “sizes”, meaning the gallons per hour it will pump out.  The higher the gallons per hour, the more expensive the pump is.  You’ll also want to use one that is completely submersible.  These can also be used to drain hot tubs and fountains.  As with any piece of equipment, you’ll have to ask yourself, “What value am I looking for?” A longer discharge hose?  More gallons per hour? www.poolpartstogo.com has several manual pool pumps to choose from with my favorite being the American known brand of Black and Decker. 

Automatic Cover Pumps

For the average swimming pool homeowner, automatic cover pumps are the way to go.

Automatic pumps typically have a higher capacity which are great for large in ground pools or those above ground pools that are a bit larger.  These pumps are also safer for those of us that have small children and pets.  (The pets don’t have to be small btw).  Puddled water can be a drowning hazard.  Continuous protection is also a benefit from choosing an automatic over a manual.  The automatic pumps can detect water down to 1/8th of an inch and know to shut itself off.  So while you may be paying more out of pocket, you are getting peace of mind.

Much like manual cover pumps, automatic cover pumps come sized by gallons per hour. 

They make a small one at around 300 GPH to the boss one at 1500 GPH.  This Black and Decker version works at high turbulent speeds.  Cover pumps in general keep your pool safe from rainwater, debris and other organic nuisances that can become contaminants.  

Why Use a Cover Pump?

If you cover your pool for any reason, the cover can become covered with debris and water.  This can be harmful for the cover and can harbor bacteria and even draw mosquitoes that have been known to carry West Nile among other viruses.  It is a good idea to cover your pool to help minimize water loss and debris getting into your pool when you are not using it.  Whether you go with a manual or an automatic, look not just at price point, but think about how much easier your life can be from not having to replace it, having it pump more water, being fully submersible and if you will save on cost and shipping.  Also look at the warranty. The longer the warranty  www.poolpartstogo has fast shipping on any and all of your cover pump needs.  See you poolside!  (After you take the cover off, of course)