Why You Should Ditch Your Single Speed Pool Pump NOW

Still have the old technology of a single speed pool pump? Still dealing with the noise? Still letting it run less often as you should, trying to “save money”? Or, still paying a fortune on your power bill? Let’s talk about these downsides and the upside of switching to a Variable Speed Pool pump NOW.

Only One Speed

Single speed swimming pool pumps only run on one speed. That speed is measured as revolutions per minute (RPMs). The RPM of a single speed pool pump is 3,450. This would be considered always running your pump on “high”.  It pulls a lot of energy, hence the high electric bills. Did you know that your swimming pool pump is the most expensive thing to run at your home after your air conditioning unit? That is craziness!

Variable Speed Pool Pumps (VSP)

Variable speed swimming pool pumps do just that: run at varying speeds.  They can be set for lower revolutions per minute (RPMs), which in turn, require less energy, which saves you money.  With a variable speed pool pump, you run it for lower, longer and really get those savings.  In fact, even if you were to run it at the same speed as your single speed pool pump, remember, that’s 3,450 RPMs, you would still save money.

Energy Savings

The reason we save money by switching to a variable speed pool pump is because they use less energy.  We are all about saving energy, right?  We use LED light bulbs in our homes.  We may drive a hybrid car.  We may even have solar.  Why not extend that desire to save energy and help protect our planet to our pool equipment?  

Energy efficient pumps utilize a permanent magnet motor in addition to windings.  These motors are Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled so you won’t be losing heat like you do with your single speed pump.  If you were to touch your single speed pool pump motor while its running, it feels hot, right?  That is due to energy loss.


Because of the Energy Star Rating available on the more popular variable speed pool pumps, you may qualify for a rebate from your utility company.  That’s right.  You may even be rewarded for making the switch.  Another way to put more dollars in your pocket.  Ca-ching!

Noise Pollution

Single speed pumps are much louder than variable speed pool pumps.  A single speed pump can sound like a ride on a subway car!  This can be especially annoying if your swimming pool equipment pad is near an area of your home you frequent.  The sound emulating from a variable speed swimming pool pump can be compared to moderate rainfall. After all, our backyard is supposed to be our oasis, right?

But Quality Variable Speed Pumps Are So Expensive

This can be true.  If you were to go to your local swimming pool supply store you can expect to drop nearly $2,000 dollars on a variable speed pump.  It takes longer for you to see a return on your investment.  Even your pool professional will still be charging you more than you need to pay.  You may have done some online searching only to find cheaply made, no-name pool pumps that offer a horrible warranty and are made overseas.  We don’t want to go to the complete opposite end of the spectrum either.

Quality and Affordable

What if I told you that you could own a name brand, quality pool pump for half the cost of those other guys?  Well, it is true!  The newest technology comes from the American-made, household name we have trusted for years!  The Black & Decker Energy Star Rated Variable Speed Pool Pump has all the bells and whistles of other brands and offers more benefits.  It has an unprecedented five-year warranty!  It is Energy Star Rated so you will get a rebate (if offered).  It is durable and long lasting.  It comes with a variety of unions and a removable base to make it easy to install.  Best part, it will cost you significantly less, for MORE features and benefits!  Sounds too good to be true?  Check it out here. 

But I Have an Above Ground Pool

Traditionally, us above ground pool owners don’t always get the same quality equipment offered to us.  But Black & Decker has included this market in their research and has a quality variable speed pool pump available to us as well!  Check it out here

There you have it.  There is literally nothing holding you back from having a quieter pump, clearer water, possibly a rebate, a long warranty, a brand you can trust, affordable and easy to install.  Why continue to live with old technology?  Get your variable speed pool pump delivered right to your door NOW!  See you poolside!