So installing a new swimming pool doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here, they are swapping out a 14-year old single speed pump with the new 2 HP Black & Decker Variable Speed Pool  Pump.   

Switching to a more cost effective pump makes sense these days, especially with everything going up in price.  And you don’t even have to break the bank to do it!  Variable speed pool pumps are saving customers $50-$100 a month on their electric bill across the Nation.  

The Black & Decker VSP (Variable Speed Pump) comes with an uncanny sense of peace of mind.  It has a “bumper to bumper” 5 year warranty.  We, of course, hope the Black & Decker Pump will last 14 years like the other pump did.  Most VSPs only have a 3 year warranty.  The control panel on the top is extremely user-friendly and perfect for homeowners.  Who wants a complicated piece of equipment, right?

This particular homeowner has a spa and solar.  This means this pump is powerful enough to meet all the expectations she needs from her swimming pool pump.  Now that is a lot of power!


These pumps also come in a 1.5 HP pump if you require a smaller pump.

Variable Speed Pumps (VSPs) are the newest technology for a reason.  The main reason is the use less energy.  Less energy equals better for the planet and MUCH better for your wallet.  

If you were to go to a local swimming pool store and get a similar HP pump you would pay about double or more.  But why would you do that?  You have all the features and benefits, all the power, the reliability right at your fingertips.  And it is made right here in America.  There really should be nothing stopping you from either replacing, or upgrading to a VSP. 

A special thank you to for making this video. 

See you poolside!