best robotic pool cleaners

You know the legend of the pool boy. His power over the desperate housewife is seemingly magical. He makes you nostalgic for a time when your back didn’t hurt merely from rolling out of bed. 

Whether the pool boy brightens your dreams or haunts your nightmares, you don’t need to think about him anymore. A new development has made him obsolete. 

Pool Boy. You’ve been terminated.  

Robotic pool cleaners are self-contained machines powered by electricity. They swim around your pool and efficiently crush all of your worst enemies: the dirt and debris that’s trying to take over your pool.    

Pretty bad ass right? The only issue with owning a robotic cleaner is that you have to pay for it first. Robotic pool cleaners are more expensive than other types of cleaners. 

It’s still absolutely worth it. You’ll save your precious time. You just need to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 

That’s why we’re here. To make sure that you’re going with the best possible option. That depends on the type of pool that you own. To confirm whether you own an inground pool or an above ground pool check out our article that explains the distinction. 


The Stinger is the best robotic cleaner for above ground pool owners. With the Stinger Low Voltage Power pack and a Tangle Resistant Floating Cable, it’s a highly advanced machine ready to serve at your pleasure. 

Its dual thrusters are adjustable. Why is that important? Because size and shape matters. The Stinger can shift angles based on the unique characteristics of your pool. 

It also has multiple independent scrubbers that help remove stubborn dirt and debris that other cleaners can’t get to. 

On top of all those great features, the Stinger has dual filter cannisters that hold twice as much debris as the average robotic cleaner and no bags are required. 

If you own an above ground pool then you should absolutely buy the Stinger. 


What if you own an inground pool? Then you’ll need the state of the art My Bot IG Robotic Cleaner. 

It shares many similar features of the Stinger with its MyBot Low Voltage power pack and 60’ Tangle Resistant Floating Cable. However it has a number of features that take its cleaning prowess to the next level. 

My Bot IG Robotic Cleaner is the Kevin Durant of pool cleaners. It is highly efficient with an expansive range. The robot cleans 6,500 Sq. ft. per hour while scrubbing both your floors and walls. It filters up to 4,200 gallons per hour and has the power to remove debris as small as 2 microns. 

All of these numbers sound complicated to you? Well wait until you hear the best part. My Bot IG Robotic Cleaner is pre-programmed. Once you buy it, you just need to chill out and let it work its magic. 

You want to enjoy your pool as much as humanly possible? Buy a My Bot IG Robotic Cleaner. 

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