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1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days 7+ days
If picked up on... Will be deliverred by...
Monday Tue Wed Thu Fri Mon Tue** Wed^
Tuesday Wed Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed** Thu^
Wednesday Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed Thu** Fri^
Thursday Fri Sat (FHD)
Mon (FXG)
Tue Wed Thu Fri** Mon^
Friday Sat (FHD)
Mon (FXG)
Tue Wed Thu Fri Mon** Tue^
Weekend Tue* Wed Thu Fri Mon Tue** Wed^

FHD = FedEx Home Delivery

FXG = FedEx Ground

* Monday delivery if the shipper is participating in Monday Residential Home Delivery

** The following week

^ Earliest possible delivery beginning the following week

Map is a general representation.

In limited areas, times may differ.