5 Safety Tips for This Summer


It is almost upon us!  What one could arguably say is the time of year where we can have the most outdoor fun and do the widest variety of activities.  That's right…SUMMER!  While there is much to do, we also have much to do to stay safe out there.  Here are a few tips to remind you that safety should come first.

  • Stay Hydrated
  • Being outside is great, but it also means we are in the heat.  We should make hydration even more of a priority than it usually is.  Studies have shown that we should consume eight, 8 oz glasses of water every day.  8oz is a cup, so it really isn’t as much as you might think. During Summer months, we should be drinking 2 ½ liters a day.  Stay away from sugary drinks.  Even some “hydrating” drinks like sports drinks have a ton of sugar in them.  Water is the best ay to stay hydrated.

  • Wear Sunblock
  • We all want to get that warm Summer glow, but it is important to tan gradually and safely.  According to skin cancer studies, you should use at least 2 mg of sunscreen per square centimeter of skin.  In simple terms, spread it thoroughly and evenly.  The higher the SPF, the more protection you will receive.  Keep in mind it needs to be reapplied after we sweat or get into a body of water like a lake, the ocean, or a swimming pool.  Personally, I wear sunscreen on my face all year round to help not only prevent skin cancer, but wrinkles and premature aging.

  • Practice Safe Social Distancing
  • Covid-19 and its variants are still running rampant.  While it is tough to avoid crowds at the beach and at pool parties, we can still be safe about it.  Try to keep six feet of distance from non-family members.  If you are feeling ill–stay home!  Some people recommend wearing a mask when not in the water, especially if you have not been vaccinated or are in a more susceptible category to catch the disease.  Don’t share straws and sanitize your hands often.  We can still have fun, we just need to use our noggins.

  • Keep Active
  • If we are on break from school or work, we may be tempted to laze those Summer days away.  While some R & R can be a good thing, we don’t want to become a couch potato.  Make sure you get outdoors to swim, bike, play a sport or even just take a stroll. Staring at a computer screen or our phones or playing video games should be limited.

  • Swim in Healthy Water
  • If we are at a public venue or a friend’s home, this is out of our control.  However, if you are a swimming pool owner, you are responsible for keeping yourself and your friends and family safe.     Test your chemicals often to ensure proper sanitizer levels.  Keep your pH and alkalinity balanced so the sanitizer is effective.  Brush your swimming pool weekly to help prevent alhgae build up.  Remove leaves and other foliage from the pool tp prevent them turning into phosphates, which is food for algae.  There is a really cool, heavy duty kit available to accomplish all of these steps. 

    Another way to keep your water safe is with proper circulation.  Proper circulation allows the chemicals to mix and work effectively.  It allows dirt and debris to get trapped in your swimming pool filter.  It helps guard against harmful bacteria, algae and murky and cloudy water.  Murky water where you cannot visibly see the main drain is considered a drowning risk.  This means running your swimming pool pump the appropriate amount of time.

    That is too expensive, you say?  Well, then I would guess you are not the owner of a new Energy Efficient, Variable Speed Swimming Pool Pump.  They can cost thousands at a local store, but are available here for half the cost. 

    The Energy Star Rated pool pumps could qualify you for a rebate on top of the approximately $70 per month on your electric bill you will be saving.  I cn’t think of anything else you can buy that pays you back.

    Above all, using common sense this Summer will help you have an enjoyable and safe time.  See you poolside!