Want to Extend Your Pool Season?  Here's What You Should Do

Want to Extend Your Pool Season?  Here’s What You Should Do

Everyone enjoys the swimming season.  As soon as the weather warms up we see pools opening, backyard BBQ’s being hosted, swimming lessons resuming, aquatic facilities getting booked and so much more.  Let’s face it.  Swimming is fun!  What about when the weather isn't quite as warm?  This can make the swimming pool water a bit too cold to be comfortable.  So, what can we do about it?

A Solar Blanket

Solar covers or solar blankets are those things that look like industrial bubble wrap that covers the pool.  They typically come in blue, clear or silver.  They range in thickness and in warranty.  Some people leave the cover in one piece and either drag it off or they have invested in a solar reel, which allows them to roll up the cover, much like you would do when putting paper towels that got away from you back on the roll.  Some people cut their solar covers into manageable pieces to remove and store.  This does not void the warranty.  Nay, the warranty is on the layered seals of plastic separating  and the seams ripping.  It does not cover the bubbles coming off.  This comes as a shock to most people.  If your bubbles are coming off you may have poor water chemistry or your cover is just old.

Solar blankets are great for both gaining some additional heat, as well as holding onto the heat that the water already has.  With three consecutive days of sunny weather, you can see your swimming pool water heat up 7-10 degrees.  They are fantastic at keeping heat in.  Did you know that up to 50% of heat is lost off of the surface of your swimming pool?  If you are buying a heater from me in my store, you are buying a solar blanket.  This is to reduce having to run your heater.

Solar Sun Rings

They work similarly to a solar blanket.  They are traditionally 5ft, round or square, and have inflatable edges.  These edges also have magnets in them.  This allows them to latch together as they float around your swimming pool’s surface.  They are much safer than a solar blanket because if someone were to fall in the pool, the rings would separate.  This is unlike a solar cover which would billow around them, causing a drowning risk.  They cannot be stacked on top of each other because they would act like a magnifying glass and literally burn the edges.  So keep that in mind.  They also tend to be a bit more expensive than a traditional cover due to the safety, convenience and esthetic value.

Liquid Solar Cover

This is a chemical liquid that you put in your pool, first as an initial dose, and then monthly to maintain.  It works by creating a thin layer on the surface of your water that you cannot feel which boasts being able to help keep heat in.  I have seen customers get up to 7 degrees with these types of products.  The downside is you have to buy a new bottle every month.  The plus side is that you don’t have the eyesore of a cover or rings.  It has also been rumored to keep ducks away because they don’t like the way it feels on their feathers.  This is a gamble if purchasing for this purpose.

Buying a Heater

The best way to ensure reliable, consistent and controllable heat is by purchasing a swimming pool heater.  You can use it to heat your pool, spa or both.  You can keep the pool heated year round or only for special events.  If you do have a spa, isn’t Winter one of the best times to use it?  “But heaters are so expensive!”  They don’t have to be.  You can get an Energy Efficient, name brand Heat Pump for a fraction of what you would find at your local pool store.

Heat pumps work by using electricity. The ComforTemp heat pump is knocking other heat pumps out of the park with its quality craftsmanship, energy efficiency and crazy features and benefits. They are quiet, the controls utilize common sense, they work at a rapid-fire speed, have easy to read led indications.  It even has a microprocessor that monitors it’s performance.  They reduce cost by using an evaporation condenser built from corrosion resistant titanium!  You do NOT have to sacrifice quality for a good price!  Check them out here!  See you poolside, all year long!

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