A Quiet Pump and $300 in Mark’s Pocket

  When Mark’s single speed pool pump needed to be replaced, he really took to the internet and did his research!  Mark fell in love with the Black & Decker 1.5 HP Energy Star Variable Speed inground swimming pool pump, which can qualify for energy rebates.  After reading about all of the awesome features and benefits, he decided THIS was the pump for him.  He was pleasantly surprised by all of the other bonuses, like how quickly it shipped. Mark, a DIYer, found the installation instructions clear and concise and was able to do the installation himself.  The big ‘WOW” came when he heard how quiet this pump was compared to his old fashioned single speed pump.  Mark boasts about the easy-to-figure-out controls.  Not only did Mark save a bundle on the pump itself, but his power service provider sweetened the deal by issuing a $300 rebate!  Just for going energy efficient!

Mark B.

“Product was quickly shipped…”

“Product was quickly shipped.  It had very clear instructions and was easy to install.  I can’t believe how quietly it operates compared to my single speed.  Controls are easy to configure.  It’s only been in operation for about a  month, but I love it.  A side benefit is my power provider is sending me a $300.00 rebate.”

  Wow, Mark B.  You really found an incredible pump that sounds like it was an easy conversion from beginning to end.  Quality, convenience and ease of use are things all of our Black and Decker products can boast.  Way to do solid research and not only get a high quality variable speed pump, but save a bundle while doing so.  Thanks for the great feedback, Mark B,!