Jacqueline Saved A Fortune on Her Pool Pump

When we live in a region where we need to Winterize our pools we are required to do many things. Empty and turn off equipment, lower the water level, cover our pools and put on a cover pump.  These are just a few of the things on our checklist.  This can be overwhelming.  Jacqueline A. wanted to do things right and, boy, did she!

Jacqueline needed a new cover pump for her pool for this Winter.  She did her research before making a fantastic decision.  She was unimpressed with the price and quality of the cover pumps at the big box stores.  She took her research to the internet where she met her new best friend, www.poolpartstogo.com.  She saw the Black & Decker 1500 gallon Automatic Water Removal Winter Submersible Swimming Pool Cover Pump. 

 She was impressed by the features and benefits this cover pump offered.  The high gallons per hour it was capable of pumping off was amazing.  She fell in love with the 25 foot power cord.  She knew the long, 30ft discharge hose was perfect for her needs. 

 She realized the automatic shut off would give her peace of mind.  She was amazed at the low price for such a high quality product.  In fact, she was quite shocked to discover that the big box stores charged 40-50% MORE for a LOWER quality product.

Once her new Black & Decker Cover Pump arrived, she was relieved at  how easy it was to set up and could literally feel the quality in her hands.  She knew she had made the right choice in Black & Decker !  Here is what Jacqueline had to say about her experience.

Pool Parts to Go is My New Best Friend”

I am so happy with this pump.  It works well, automatic shut off, was easy to set up, and the price point was fantastic.  The big stores had an inferior product for [a] 40-50% higher price. I’ll be calling [on]  you when I need stuff to open my pool in the Spring.”

-Jacqueline A.


We are so pleased to partner up with Jacqueline as her new best friend for all her swimming pool’s needs!  We are certain she will find everything she requires for her swimming pool like our Black & Decker 360 degree pool brush for example.  www.poolpartstogo.com can be YOUR best friend when it comes to your swimming pools needs too!  Check us out and we will see you poolside!