Are Pool Cover Pumps Submersible?


Why Use a Cover Pump?

When we winterize our swimming pools in the colder months of inclement weather, part of that includes putting a cover on it.  These covers can be made of mesh, which allow the water/snow to pass through, but not dirt and debris.  Most people opt for a solid cover, which are made of plastic or vinyl and keeps not only dirt and debris out of the swimming pool, but water/snow as well.  It also makes it easier to remove when the time comes.

These solid covers, since they don’t let water through, accumulate water on the surface.  Since water has a lot of weight, letting it sit there can ruin your cover with pinholes, stretching and worst case, rips or tears.  The way we remove this accumulation is with a piece of equipment called a cover pump.

What is a Cover Pump?

A cover pump is a piece of equipment that removes the water from atop the swimming pool cover, both quickly, and effectively.  Sure, you can hire a swimming pool company to remove the water at the beginning of season, but this can be costly.  Also, as mentioned above, you run the risk of damage while the water sits on your swimming pool cover.

Cover pumps come in 2 different styles: manual and automatic.  All this refers to is if it shuts itself on or off automatically or if you have to go and flip the on/off switch.  The automatic ones also tend to be more energy efficient.

The proper way to operate a cover pump is explained in this article.

How are Cover Pumps Measured?

Cover pumps for your swimming pool cover are measured, or sized, by how many gallons per hour (GPH) they pump.  The higher the gallons per hour, the quicker you’ll be able to remove the unwanted water from your pool cover.

Do I Have to Leave the Cover Pump on the Cover All Winter?

Yes.  To ensure that the build up of water is not excessive, a cover pump is essential to keeping the water off of the pool cover.  Automatic cover pumps can be left on all winter, but some companies suggest removing the pump, including the hoses, and bringing them inside during freezing weather.

Are Pool Cover Pumps and Submersible Pumps the Same Thing?

Submersible pumps and cover pumps are very similar.  Submersible pumps are typically used for significantly lowering your swimming pool’s water level, up to, and including, a full drain.

Cover pumps are designed to remove standing water and debris from your winterizing pool cover.

Are Cover Pumps Submersible?

Excellent question!  After all, we don’t want to damage or risk electrocution simply from trying to prevent damage from our swimming pool cover!  As far as my research shows, all winter swimming pool cover pumps are fully submersible.  Please, please read the description of the cover pump you are looking at to ensure this is true.  My concern is some knock off pumps may not be to cut corners on quality to afford a lower cost.

All of the swimming pool cover pumps on are fully submersible.

Varieties of Swimming Pool Cover Pumps

First, you’ll want to ask yourself if manual or automatic fits your lifestyle better.  Both achieve the same result, however, automatic cover pumps detect that the water level is low and shut themselves off so that they do not run unnecessarily or run dry.

Secondly, you’ll need to decide what size, or gallons per hour, you want your cover pump to be able to pump out the water.  Regardless of the cover pump choice, I always want to remind my readers to NEVER aim the discharge hose towards the house to prevent water damage to your home.

If you live in an area that maybe gets moderate to low rain or snowfall, a high GPH pump may be overkill for you.  I would suggest a small pump like this one.

Are Cover Pumps Expensive?

They certainly can be.  Especially the more features you opt for such as brand name, gallons per hour (GPH) pumping speed and whether you go for automatic or manual.  I have seen cover pumps cost just below $200!  Please don’t be fooled by the price.  A higher price does not equate higher quality, while a lower price does not exclude quality.

Are brands important to you like they are to me?  Luckily, the American made, household name of BLACK + DECKER has gotten into the swimming pool industry.  Along with their fantastic Variable Speed Pool Pumps, they have also come out with a variety of cover pumps.  If you get a lot of water build up on your swimming pool cover, I recommend this cover pump from BLACK + DECKER.   At half the price of those other guys, you will not be sacrificing quality.  It even has an extra large, 30-ft discharge hose so you have more freedom on where you aim your water. And for added peace of mind, it comes with a three year warranty!  See you poolside!


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The proper way to operate a pool cover pump is explained in this article. In addition, find out here if pool cover pumps are submersible.