BLACK + DECKER Makes a Believer Out of Joseph K.

 Whether you are thinking of replacing a dead pool pump or just want to upgrade to an energy-efficient, variable speed pump, BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool pumps have you covered!  That’s right, the household name of BLACK + DECKER has lent their years of expertise to the swimming pool industry.  This American-designed product has a FIVE-year bumper-to-bumper warranty and is much quieter than your old single-speed pump.  With the installation and programming extremely simple, it is perfect for those who are handy at doing things themselves.  Just ask Joseph K.!


I was hesitant to go with a company that doesn’t have many years building products in the pool equipment realm, but with a 5 year warranty and sale price point that beats competitors by a good margin, I figured I would give it a go.  The unit arrived within two days of order.  I cut out the old pump and installed and re-plummed this new motor myself with no problems.  My 24-year old single speed pump this replaced was a goliath, so the only difficulty was building a concrete mold to get a 2 inch riser underneath this pump so it would be tall enough to be flush with the old pump inlet.  The B&D 2 HP pump is much smaller than my ancient Jandy.  It has been two weeks and the pump has been running strong using a custom schedule I programmed in.  It is much more quiet than the old Jandy, even at full speed.  So far, so good on this model.  I can recommend this for anyone looking for a DIY replacement to their old pool pump!”


-Joseph K.


So glad to hear it, Joseph!  He is so right!  The BLACK + DECKER pumps are about HALF of what pumps are going for in your local pool store.  And with super easy installation and schedule programming, it is easy for most homeowners to do it themselves.  Joseph was on point when he mentioned how quiet the pump is.  A single speed pump’s decibel level can be compared to a noisy subway car while a variable speed pump is comparable to moderate rainfall.  The BLACK + DECKER pumps come in a variety of sizes to suit your pool or spa’s needs.  When I say size, I am referring to horsepower. They come in models for in-ground and even above ground swimming pools.  They come with an adjustable base to help your new pump to align with the old pump you are replacing.  They are name brand and high quality variable speed pool pumps.  Variable speed pool pumps are energy efficient and may even be required by law in your state. The average savings of switching from an old fashioned single speed pump to a variable speed pool pump is around $70 a month! We just know you’ll love our  BLACK + DECKER variable speed pool pumps! Thanks for giving BLACK + DECKER a chance, Joseph!  We know you will love it for years to come!