Our Pool Pump Leaves A Buyer "Very Pleasantly Surprised"

2 HP BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool Pump

It can be tough when your swimming pool pump needs replacement.  Not only can it cause your pool to turn green while you search for a replacement, but there are so many choices out there it can make your head spin!  A lot of folks seem to think they have to go with “major brands” like Pentair, Hayward or Jandy.  There is another major brand on the market you may not be aware of.  The American made, household name of BLACK + DECKER has expanded their expertise to the swimming pool industry.  They make everything from 360 degree pool brushes to cover pumps to, you guessed it, variable speed pool pumps!  Going with those other brands can cost you thousands of dollars.  The BLACK + DECKER energy efficient, variable speed pool pumps come in at about HALF of the price.  You may be reluctant to go with what you feel is a “lesser brand”.  But with a FIVE year bumper-to-bumper warranty, you can’t go wrong with the peace of mind they offer on their quality equipment.  This buyer was on the fence, but made the leap of faith and went with a BLACK + DECKER 2 hp variable speed pump and was pleasantly surprised.  Just check out their story.

“So, it has been 11 months since I purchased and installed this pool pump and I intentionally waited this long in order to give a review because I have found that many products seem to work well initially, but after a couple of months falter, so I wanted to give some time to see [if] this product [would] fail.

So, this is my third pool pump adventure and on my last ‘go around , I tried just replacing the motor, which was a pain in the a**, so this may actually be considered my fourth pool pump ordeal.  Prior to this B&D purchase, I must say I was a main-streamer and I purchased Hayward or Pentair products.  So, this purchase was really based upon reading some reviews and the warranty period.  Every other pool pump seemed to come with a one or two year warranty and my purchases always seem to fail a year after the warranty ends.  This product comes with a 5 year warranty and that peaked my interest.  So I took a bite and purchased the 2hp version for my 24k gallon pool.  Installation was a little more tricky because the B&D has a slightly lower profile than the bigger Hayward 2.0 that I was replacing. So re-piping was a bi*** because the original pool installers didn’t give me any 2” pipe to work with, so I had to get out the saw and glue and re-pipe and move things around a bit more than I wanted.

So, now it’s installed and the thing does move some water and it's multi-speed and programmable and it’s well worth the time to watch YouTube video[s] on how to program it, because you don’t need your pool pump running 24/7, especially at 3,000 RPMs.  So, I set mine to run high RPMs at start-up at 6 A.M. for a couple of hours, then slower at the second setting, then slower again at the third [setting] and slower at the fourth setting and then it shuts down for the night and we start the process all over again in the morning.  You can also set it manually if you anticipate a heavy swimmer load in the pool that day.  The best part about this pump is how quiet it is.  At high RPMs it’s probably 50% quieter than my old Hayward 2.0.  At the lower RPMs you can’t really hear it running and my old Hayward was a one speed wonder, so it was either on or off.

Lastly, I was a guy that went for the higher brands when it came to power and garden tools  and I always regarded B&D products to be for the bargain end tools, but now I’ve changed my mind because so far when they agreed to put their money and name on this product, it has worked.  Hope these comments help”

-A Verified Buyer

So, you can see that even the most skeptical buyer has been won over by the quality, features and benefits of the BLACK + DECKER Pool Pumps!  He is exactly on point with how quiet these pumps are.  A single speed decibel can be compared to a noisy subway car.  Yikes!  A variable speed pool pump is comparable to the decibel level of moderate rainfall.  We are so glad you like your new pump, Sir and thank you for the great review!  See you poolside!

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