Easy to Install at Any Age

So, it's time to change your swimming pool pump.  Maybe your old one is broken.  Maybe you just want the energy savings (which equals money savings!) of a variable speed pool pump.  Rick C. needed to replace his 2hp energy-guzzling single speed Hayward pool pump.  He wanted quality, value and ease of install and programming.  Well, he got it all!  He opted to go with our 2hp Black & Decker Energy Star Variable Speed Inground Pool Pump.  That’s right.  I said Black & Decker.  The American made, household name of Black & Decker has lended their expertise to the swimming pool industry.  They make everything from cover pumps, heat pumps, variable speed pool pumps and even brushes.  It's a name we have come to know and trust over decades.  

At 71 years old, Rick was looking not only for quality and value, but ease of installation and programming.  Well, he got it!

“ Great Unit at a Great Price”

     “It's only been installed for about three weeks and so far it’s great.  Great circulation, extremely quiet and easy to program.  I am a 71 year old man and I installed the unit myself, easy and straightforward install.  This unit replaced a 20+ year old single speed 2 horse Hayward unit that had been rebuilt several times.  This unit beats the hell out of the single speed Hayward.  Just hope it lasts…”

-Rick C.

Check out the pump Rick bought here.  Energy Star Certified and with an included 5-year warranty, the Black & Decker 2 horsepower variable-speed pool pump outperforms all other pumps on the market—and pays itself off with up to 80% of energy costs saved in all phases of operation.

This truly versatile unit allows slower filtration for a more quiet, consistent, and thorough job—all while saving big. Includes common-sense controls to accommodate all heaters, cleaners, salt systems, and even waterfalls. Permanent magnet technology and an enclosed design ensures this pump runs cool, stays dry, and is built to last. 

With guaranteed service, rebate eligibility, and craftsmanship from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the world, you can forever forgo the stress and enjoy your pool for what it's supposed to be: safe, sparkling, and fun.

  • Variable Speed Motor
  • Energy Star Certified to Cut Energy Costs
  • 5-Year Warranty Included
  • Low Speed Options for Thorough Filtration
  • Permanent Magnet Tech to Increase Efficiency
  • Exclusive Self-Diagnostics to Keep Performance High
  • Easy Programming Touch Pad for Optimal Speeds
  • Quiet Motor and Cooler Operation to Last
  • Enclosed Unit to Protect Motor Year Round
  • Consumer-Friendly Installation
  • Common Sense Design to Fit Most Plumbing
  • Accommodates Equipment New & Aftermarket
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Port Size: Both 1.5" and 2" are in packaging


You won’t be disappointed with this pump.  While it is easy to do-it-yourself install, if you are not tech savvy, don’t fret.  All pool professionals are capable of installing and programming this pump.  With more and more on the market and in homes, the Black & Decker Variable Speed Pool Pumps have become a staple of the swimming pool industry.  Thank you, Rick, for the great review!  We are so glad it was such a breeze to install and program.  Enjoy that FIVE year warranty, the approximately  $70 a month electric bill savings, and the peace and quiet of a variable speed pool pump.  See you poolside!


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