The Best Above Ground Pool Heater for 2023

Did you know that it is estimated that 4,300,000 Americans own above ground swimming pools? The State of Texas comes in as the number one state of above ground swimming pools.  Above ground swimming pools offer the same benefits of in-ground swimming pools.  They can be an oasis on a hot day.  They are great for exercise or just floating around reading a book and enjoying a cocktail.  They are great for social gatherings and can make your home the coolest home on the block!  Just like in-ground pools, the water can get cooooollllddd.  Especially if the outside temps where you live don’t get as high as the Sunbelt States.  Many above ground pool owners have decided that a heater makes sense for them and their pools.  But with so many to choose from, where do we even begin?

ComforTemp Heat Pumps

You don’t have to sacrifice quality for a great deal.  You can get a name brand heater for a fraction of the cost of your local swimming pool supply store. ComforTemp makes quality heat pumps with sizes that range from 32,000 BTUs (British Thermal Units) to heat up to 7,500 gallons to a whopping 125,000 BTUs to heat up to 35,000 gallons.  When we talk about heater “size”, we are typically not talking about the footprint.  We are talking about the heat output capabilities.  In layman’s terms, how quickly they will heat your pool water and up to what capacity.

ComforTemp Heat Pumps are energy-saving.  Energy saving=money saved=more donuts.  Ok, so maybe donuts aren’t your thing, but you get my drift.  They also offer us an opportunity to leave a smaller environmental footprint, which is also important.  These heaters are not only economical, but fast-acting.  These heaters are at the top of the market for their craftsmanship and value.  These models reduce costs by using an evaporation condenser built from corrosion-resistant titanium to compress the warm, ambient air around your swimming pool into hot water.  This is instead of having to create heat from “scratch”.  They contain high efficiency fins designed to catch heat quickly and a variety of BTU capabilities, this heat pump works at a rapid-fire speed, yet quietly, throughout the seasons. 

Don’t worry about complicated controls.  These controls are “common-sense”.  They have easy-to-read LED indications and a microprocessor that automatically monitors it’s own performance!  These all work together to ensure reliable, yet painless, use.  Featuring BT certification and a one-year limited warranty, you are guaranteed to enjoy comfortable and soothing swimming–no matter what the weather may bring!  These heaters have 5-star ratings from verified buyers and you can easily see why.  Here are some groovy things the ComforTemp Heat Pump offers.

  • Works with both fresh and salt-water pools
  • Pays for itself by cutting energy costs
  • Utilizes warm, ambient air for increased efficiency
  • A variety of BTUs for rapid-fire heat conversion
  • BT certified for long-term reliability
  • An exclusive self-diagnostics to maintain high performance
  • Easy programming controls for user-friendly use
  • A quiet motor and consumer-friendly installation
  • Voltage: 208v-230v
  • 42 Amp breaker minimum, with a 60 Amp breaker maximum
  • Free shipping*

*Please refer to the shipping map for estimated delivery time or email us at 

Black & Decker Heat Pumps

It’s always nice to have choices and at, we give them to you!  The second heater that made the top pick for 2023 comes from a brand you know and love.  Yes, the American made, high quality, reliable brand of Black & Decker has extended their expertise into the pool industry.  They make cover pumps, variable speed pool pumps, brushes and, of course, pool heaters!  With a variety of sizes ranging from 53,000 BTUs to heat up to 10,000 gallons of water to a hefty 137,000 BTUs to heat all the way up to 45,000 gallons!  If you were to go to your local swimming pool store and inquire about a similar heat pump, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were up to double the price.  Why pay more when you have other options with value and dependability?

I am honored to introduce the Black & Decker swimming pool heat pump line.  These pumps are THE perfect solution for keeping your pool water warm and comfortable through all of the seasons.  With an impressive Coefficient of performance (C.O.P) of 6.4, this energy efficient heater provides warmth while saving you money on energy costs.  Don’t forget, Less energy=Less money=more donuts.  Like the ComforTemp, you are also choosing to go green.

These models also reduce energy costs by using an evaporation condenser built from corrosion-resistant titanium to compress the warm, ambient air into hot water.  No need to generate heat from scratch. These models are designed for durability and reliability.  They have high-quality construction and components that help ensure you will be provided with years of trouble-free performance!  Also equipped with high-efficiency fins designed specifically to catch heat fast and BTUs to quietly heat a variety of above ground swimming pool sizes.  All you have to do is enjoy a warm and relaxing swim!

The Black & Decker heat pumps are both easy to use and install.  They include a user-friendly interface, easy-to-read LED indications and even a microprocessor that will automatically monitor its own performance.  These features all work together to ensure painless and reliable use.  Compact and sleek in design, it is a great addition to any backyard.  And it won’t take up too much space!  Here are some features and benefits to consider.

  • Works with both fresh and salt-water pools
  • For above and inground pool use
  • Pays for itself by cutting energy costs
  • Utilizes warm, ambient air for increased efficiency
  • Exclusive self-diagnostics for optimum performance
  • Easy programming controls
  • BT Certified for long-term reliability
  • Quiet motor with consumer-friendly installation
  • Voltage-: 208v-230v
  • 50 Amp breaker minimum and 70 Amp breaker maximum
  • Included one-year limited warranty
  • Shipped via freight third party service (STILL free!)
  • Winter cover available separately 

Those are my two picks for the best above ground swimming pool heaters of 2023.  See you poolside!