How Do I Stop a Water Pump Noise?

When we say “water pump” we are referring to your swimming pool’s pool pump.  The swimming pool pump is what circulates the water in your pool.  As pool water gets drawn from the skimmer and/or main drains, it is then pushed or pumped through your equipment system.  This could include things like a heater, a salt system, a chlorinator and most definitely a swimming pool filter.  Every swimming pool has a pump and a filter.  

This circulation is crucial to a clear and safe swimming pool.  When we circulate our pool, we want to accomplish what is known as a turnover.  A turnover is when the amount of water equal to the gallons of water in your swimming pool gets passed through the filter.  This ensures that the chemicals mix and thus become effective.  This helps dirt and debris to get caught in the filter.  So we know what a pump is.  What do we do to stop a noisy pump?  Here are some reasons your pool pump could be noisy.

Your Pump Is Not Priming

Pump priming is when the pool pump comes on and fills with water.  Most newer pumps are self priming.  If you have a suction side leak, your pump may not prime.  If your pump lid cover o-ring is dry or in need of replacement, your pump may not prime.  If you have a clog in your plumbing lines your pump may not prime.  Sometimes you can self prime your pump by using a garden hose to add the water, but it really depends on what the issue is.


This is also caused by a pump not priming.  Basically, the water is turning to vapor before it can get going.  It can make a loud slurping or sucking sound.  Your pump may be running too hot or have many of the same issues we listed above.  They are very similar problems that need to be addressed right away or you will ruin your pump


Bearings.  Probably the loudest  sound you will ever hear a swimming pool pump make.  Inside your motor there are bearings. When they go out, they make a horrible screeching or squealing sound.  Bearings can be replaced–if you can find someone that still works on them. You can also replace them yourself if you are handy.  Keep in mind, replaced bearings have about a one-year shelf life.  Also, if your pump has gotten to the point of needing bearings, it is probably old and you may want to consider replacing the pump.

Your Impeller is Clogged

Sometimes leaves, twigs and other debris can get stuck in the grooves on the side of our pump’s impeller.  This can cause it to either not work as effectively or seize all together.  Take the pump apart and clear out any debris from the slants in the impeller.  Note:  A clogged impeller can cause low to no suction as well as your pump losing prime and cavitation as we talked about above.

You Have a Single Speed Pump

Single speed swimming pool pumps are NOISY, even when they are working properly. The decibel sound can be compared to that of a noisy subway car. They only run at a single revolution per minute (RPM) of 3,450 which is very high, and therefore, loud.  Single speed pumps are also expensive to operate.  It is the most expensive thing to run in your home after your air conditioner.  They are energy guzzlers and not good for the environment.  They lose a lot of heat from the motor which wastes energy.  Basically they are old technology.  The solution?  Replace with an energy efficient variable speed swimming pool pump.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps

Variable speed pool pumps have many advantages.  One of which is that they are much quieter.  Their decibel level can be likened to the sound of moderate rainfall.  They run at varying speeds.  This allows you to run your variable speed longer at a lower RPM.  This is not only less noisy, but less expensive.  Energy efficient, variable speed pool pumps have a totally enclosed, fan cooled motor.  This means you are not losing that heat (energy) off the motor.  They also feature a permanent magnet motor which works with the windings.  Even if you were to run your variable speed pool pump at the same RPM as your old single speed pump. (3,450) it would still be quieter and more efficient.

I know what you are thinking.  ‘I can’t afford a variable speed pool pump!’.  This doesn’t have to be the case.  You may have visited your local swimming pool store and had your jaw drop at the prices of their name brand pool pumps.  You can get a name brand pool pump for about half the price.  Not just any name brand!  The American made, household name of Black & Decker.  Yup.  They have extended their expertise to the swimming pool industry.  

They make a variety of variable speed pool pumps in just the horsepower you need.  They are Energy Star Rated and come with a crazy FIVE year warranty.  They are easy to install and with a removable base, are often an easy swap for your old pump.  Get on board with the newest technology here.  With free shipping and returns, what have you got to lose?  Ditch that old technology, single speed pool pump and start saving.  People who have switched boast an average savings of $70 per month on their electric bill.  Live peacefully with your new, quieter pump.  See you poolside!