Where Should a Pool Cover Pump Be Placed?

Winterizing our swimming pools involves many steps.  One of which is to put on our winterizing cover and cover pump.  But do we need a cover pump?  What does it do?  Where should it be placed?  Let’s talk about cover pumps.

What is a Cover Pump?

As the winter season does its thing, water can accumulate on top of your swimming pool cover.  This is not a good thing for many reasons.  For one thing, the water is heavy.  Just 6” of water can weigh up to 6 tons! Crazy, right?  Excess weight on your pool cover can cause it to sag and possibly rip or tear.  Also, standing water can be a cesspool. It can actually get algae, turn green and attract mosquitos.  This is a safety hazard.  Speaking of safety hazards.  Someone, especially a little one, could technically drown in the build up of water.  It is best for your cover, and you, to use a cover pump.

A cover pump is designed to pump out this standing water.  Sure, you could let it sit there all winter and hire a company to remove the water for you.  But this can get expensive.  Cover pumps come in automatic and manual.  I highly recommend the automatic.  One less thing to worry about, right?

Manual Cover Pumps

A manual cover pump is attached to a discharge hose, and you need to manually turn it off and on.  This is the only difference between an automatic and manual. This is just another thing for you to add to your to-do list.  Manual pumps work just as well, so don’t let me steer you in the wrong direction.  They are slightly more affordable because of the work involved.

Automatic Cover Pumps

Automatic cover pumps, in my opinion, are much easier to use.  They turn themselves off and on automatically when they sense water build up. They come in different sizes, measured by gallons per hour.  This is true for manual and automatic pumps.  Both pumps need to be plugged in.  Whether using manual or automatic, always make sure you aim the discharge hose away from your home.  We don’t want any water damage!

Where Do I Place My Cover Pump?

You will want to place your swimming pool cover pump directly atop your pool cover, usually where the deepest puddles accumulate.  You can push the cover pump with your brush and telescopic pole and pull it back toward you the same way.  This allows for easy access to the pump, especially if it is a manual pool cover pump.  The cover pump is a submersible pump, which means it is ok to be in the water.  It will not ruin the pump.  

Are Pool Cover Pumps Expensive?

They certainly can be!  The higher the GPH (gallons per hour), or “larger” the pump, plays a role in the cost of the pump.  It also depends on what brand you want to go with.  Higher price does not always equal higher quality.  Whether you go with automatic or manual will also contribute to the cost of your new cover pump.  As I mentioned before, I am a fan of automatic pumps.

If brand name is important to you, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg.  Whether you go manual or automatic, there is a solution to pay a reasonable price AND get a brand name you know and trust.

The American made, household name of Black & Decker has extended their quality products to the swimming pool industry!  Along with their popular variable speed pool pumps, they have also begun making pool cover pumps.  These pumps are available in manual and automatic.  Again, they are sized by the gallons per hour that they remove water.  If you don’t get a lot of water, you can go with a smaller gallon per hour cover pump.  If you get a lot of sleet, rain and snow, then I suggest a larger gallon per hour pump.

This manual cover pump comes with a 25-foot power cord and a 30-foot discharge hose.  It is a large pump, pumping out 1,500 gallons per hour!  And check out the low price! There are several automatic BLACK+DECKER cover pumps to choose from.  Again, it depends on how much water build up you accumulate during the winter season.  They have a wonderful small one here. 

Get a lot of water build up?  I suggest going with this model here. At 1,500 GPH you will have peace of mind that the job is being done.  And the price points are about half of other online stores and even less expensive than if you were to go to your local swimming pool supply store.  Protect your cover this winter with one of these quality pumps.  See you poolside!