How Do You Know When it's Time to Get a New Cover Pump?


Whether you have an existing cover pump or are looking to get your first one, it is important to know what you are looking for before you buy.

Why Do We Cover Our Pools?

If you own a swimming pool and live in a region that gets really cold temperatures during the winter season, you most likely will do something called winterizing your pool.  This requires certain steps to keep your equipment and swimming pool safe in freezing temperatures.  First you’ll want to clear out the pool.  Get all the toys and floats out.  Then you want to make sure all the dirt and debris are out and give it a solid brushing.  Test your water and add the necessary chemicals to balance it. You’ll want to drain your equipment.  If you are not storing your equipment, make sure the freeze setting is programmed on your swimming pool pump. Then you will want to lower the water level. Now it’s time to prep the pool from a preventative standpoint.  You should shock your swimming pool and add an algaecide.  Finally, you will want to cover the pool.  This is to prevent dirt and debris from getting in.  If you are using a mesh cover, water will still get through.  If you are using a solid cover, the water accumulates on top, causing the need for a cover pump.

What is a Cover Pump?

A cover pump is a piece of equipment that goes on top of your pool cover to remove water build up.  The reason we do this is to prevent damage to our swimming pool cover such as stretching, pitting, sagging and tearing.  Water can be unbelievably heavy!  Most cover pumps are electric and plug into a standard 110v outlet.  They come in manual and automatic.  They come with a hose to divert the water to a safe place.  So, we do not want to direct the discharge hose towards our home because this could cause damage.

Manual Cover Pumps

If you are meticulous about your backyard chores, then a manual cover pump may be right up your alley.  They come with an on/off switch.  So you would need to turn it on when you need it and then remember to turn it off when it is done removing the water.  Letting a pump run dry is never a good idea.  If you don’t get a ton of water build up and are a diligent backyard DIY check this cover pump out. 

At less than $40, it can save you hundreds by protecting your swimming pool cover.

Automatic Cover Pumps

These make the most sense if you want to remove something from your to-do list.  They can sense down to 1/8th of water and turn themselves on automatically.  They also shut off automatically when the water drops too low.

Sizes of Cover Pumps

While our swimming pool circulation pumps are sized by horsepower, cover pumps are sized by gallons per hour.  The size you need completely depends on the amount of water and/or snow that traditionally accumulates on your swimming pool cover.  Whether you want automatic or manual, choose the size that is right for your needs.  Not sure?  I would suggest guessing high and investing in an automatic cover pump.

Are Good Pool Cover Pumps Expensive?

They certainly can be.  If you were to go to your local swimming pool supply store, you could expect to pay over $150 or more!  Thinking of just hiring someone when the season hits to drain the water?  Now we are talking about sky high labor costs. Luckily for us, the American-made, household name of BLACK + DECKER has extended their expertise to the swimming pool market.  They make both a manual with an extra long discharge hose.  They also make the cream of the crop, 1,500 gallons per hour (GPH) automatic cover pump with the same long hose! 

Do I Need a New Cover Pump?

If your screen on your cover pump is ripped or torn, if the cord is frayed or damaged in any way, if it is making a loud noise when it is operating, or if it is not turning on/off when it should, then it is most likely time to replace it.  Also, if you underestimated how much water build up you were going to get and bought too small of a cover pump, it is time to get a bigger one.  If you thought a manual would fit into your lifestyle and are having second thoughts?  Go ahead and invest in an automatic cover pump. has exactly what you need!  See you poolside!