Is it Time to Get a New Variable Speed Pool Pump? Here is How to Decide

Variable speed pool pumps are all the rage.  Why is that?  Are they really worth it?  Do I really need one?  These are common questions I get from my clients.  We are going to talk about if it's time for you  to take the leap.

Your Old Pump is Noisier Than Usual

Single speed pumps are pretty noisy to begin with.  But if yours is making extra noise such as a screeching or just running overall louder, this could be an indication that the bearings are going bad in your swimming pool pump.  Can you replace the bearings?  Sure.  But by the time your bearings go bad, it usually means the pump has seen better days.  It may even be difficult to find someone who even rebuilds motors nowadays.  Why would you want to invest any money into a pump that is falling apart?  You can replace the motor, but you would only get a 1-year warranty, sometimes less if you install it yourself.  And you are still investing money into old technology.

Your Pool Motor Just Hums

This is another indication that your swimming pool motor is bad.  We refer to this as “seizing”.  It can be a capacitor, but again, this is a temporary fix to a permanent problem.  Think of it as dumping tons of money into an old car.  Eventually, you will have invested more than the car is even worth!  And comparatively, we are talking about a car that won’t even pass smog! What I mean by this is simply that your old, single speed pool pump is not energy efficient.

Variable speed pool pumps definitely “pass smog”.  Look for a variable speed pool pump that is Energy Star Rated.  

You are Spending a Fortune on Your Electric Bill

Since single speed pumps only run on “high”, which is 3,450 revolutions per minute (RPMs), it consumes a lot of energy.  It is the most expensive thing to operate at your home after your air conditioning unit.  We need to run our single speed pump approximately one hour for every 10 degrees it is outside.  So, if it was 80 degrees on average, you would need to run your swimming pool pump 8 hours a day.  And we need our pump to run when we need our chemicals the most,during the day!  This can be a high peak window for most homeowners.

You Are Wasting Energy

Most of us are concerned with conserving energy.  We already use LED light bulbs in our homes.  We may drive a hybrid car.  Some of us may even have solar.  Because of the heat loss from a single speed pump coupled with the high RPMs it has to run on, we are wasting a lot of energy.  Not to mention wasting energy hits us in our pocket books.  More energy= more money.  Variable speed pumps, even if run at 3,450 RPMs STILL consume less energy than that old single speed pump.  

Your Water Doesn’t Look Good

I find a lot of single speed pump owners tend to not run their pump long enough to “save money”.  This results in a variety of water issues that can include cloudy or murky water (which is a drowning hazard as well as an eye sore) and algae blooms.  Getting rid of an algae bloom costs the money you would spend on the chemicals and your time.  How valuable is your time?  Most algae treatments require a minimum of a 24 hour pump run cycle.  You are saving money, how exactly?  With a variable speed pump, we run the pump longer on a lower RPM, ensuring the water gets through the filter, known as a turnover, and thus clearer, SAFER water.

Your Utility Company is Offering a Rebate

We spoke earlier about a variable speed pump (VSP) being “Energy Star Rated”.  This means it meets certain energy consumption criteria.  A lot of power companies across the Nation are offering a sweet rebate if you switch to an energy efficient A.K.A. Variable Speed Pump. Check with your local utility company for details.

They Are More Affordable Than Ever!

If the cost of a variable speed pump had you running for the hills, you probably went into your local swimming pool supply store.  They can charge literally thousands to get a new variable speed pump installed.  Even your friendly pool guy/gal offering you their discount still makes your wallet say, “ouch”.  It used to be that these were our only two options to snag a reputable, reliable, name brand, quality VSP.

Not anymore.  Whether you have an inground swimming pool or an above ground swimming pool, the American household name of BLACK + DECKER has a variable speed pump for you.  They come with unprecedented warranties and are built to last.  And you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for them.  They are at least 50% lower than the price of your local swimming pool retailer. They even deliver to your door.  For a traditional, inground swimming pool check this out.

For your above ground swimming pool owners check this out!

Even if your current swimming pool pump is “working fine” I beg you to ponder the question, ‘Is it really?’  If you want a quieter pump that saves energy and money then variable speed is the way to go.  If you want to save money making the switch? is your answer.  See you poolside!