Scott is All-In on His BLACK + DECKER Pool Pump

Scott was tired of his old-fashioned, energy-guzzling, single-speed pool pump.  He wanted something more energy-efficient.  Well, Scott got that and so much more by switching to the American-made, household brand name BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool Pump.  He decided to go with the 1.5 HP for his swimming pool needs.  Scott had minimal work to do upon installation and found the learning curve on programming to be quite user-friendly.  What Scott didn’t anticipate was just how quiet these BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool Pumps are!  He even finds himself checking to make sure it’s actually running!  How cool is that?  The savings didn’t stop at the low price point of the pump.  Scott continues to enjoy energy savings through all the seasons.  In his region, he was able to take advantage of the rebate this pump qualifies for being Energy Star rated and saved an additional $300!  Way to make the most out of changing your pool pump, Scott! BLACK + DECKER really saved the day again!

A Competitive High Quality/Low-Cost Alternative”

Scott R.

“Installed the 1.5 HP BLACK + DECKER pump last November to replace an aging single-speed energy hog.  Installation was easy, with some plumbing and spacing adaptations required to fit my existing setup.  So far the pump has performed well through Winter, Spring and Summer.  Immediately noticeable is the quiet operation and absence of raw electrical ‘hum’ that was present in the previous unit.  It's so quiet I need to stop and observe the clean-out window to make sure it is even running.  The ability to fine-tune the running schedule is a great advantage and it has reduced energy bills while improving pool cleanliness.  There is a bit of a learning curve for the user interface, but after a few days it becomes second nature.  The real-time wattage indicator is helpful for tuning to maximum efficiency.  The quick clean feature is programmable for speed and very helpful to quickly turn the power up for vacuum or backwash operations.  I am surprised that pool dealers/professionals don’t seem to be aware of these B&D pumps or maybe they are in denial since the price and direct-to-consumer sales model could really cut into some sales.  The pump also qualified for a $300 rebate through Duke Energy (SC).  These rebates are often difficult to fulfill and often require an ‘authorized installer’ to do the work , but I was pleasantly surprised that they promptly processed this DIY installation and sent the rebate directly to me.  All in all I highly recommend this 1.5 HP in ground pool pump and I hope BLACK + DECKER continues to focus on delivering a competitive high quality/low cost alternative to existing high-priced offerings.”

Wow!  Thanks for the feedback, Scott!  You, too, can have an awesome experience with the BLACK + DECKER in-ground variable speed pool pumps.  Whether you are a DIYer, like Scott, or need to hire a professional, you will immediately notice how quiet these pumps are.  You will see the lower energy bills.  You will take advantage of all the cool functions these pumps have to offer like Scott does.  Heck, you may even qualify for a rebate of your own!  Start saving by making the switch today!  Check out the BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool Pumps here.