Sharon Gets Her Verdict on Pentair vs. BLACK + DECKER

When shopping for something as expensive as a swimming pool pump, most people do their research.  Especially since you plan to have it for years to come.  There are a lot of great brands out there so it can be confusing for some.  I like to look at quality, features and benefits and warranty.  My Dad also taught me to read reviews on products before purchasing.  Sharon did all of these things.  BLACK + DECKER has extended their expertise to the swimming pool industry.  They have brushes, cover pumps and energy efficient, variable speed pool pumps.  Like Sharon, you may be skeptical of these pumps maybe because they are newer.  Maybe because they cost so much less.  But they are American made, quality pumps that come with an unprecedented FIVE year bumper-to-bumper warranty.  They will run you about half of what you would pay for a similar pump of a different brand if you were to go to your local swimming pool supply store.  Sharon did her research, comparing the BLACK + DECKER VSP (Variable Speed Pump) to the Pentair VSP.  

BLACK + DECKER 1.5 HP Variable Speed Pool Pump

“ My 8-year old Pentair Intelliflo that cost $1,200 in 2015 went out.  The replacement model was $1,859 and the new one was already discontinued for a more expensive one.  I started looking at different brands and the B&D kept popping up.  At first I thought it was too cheap and wouldn’t be the same quality, but after watching a couple YouTube videos I decided to go for it.  Two things jumped out at me watching the videos.

  • I didn’t need the 3 HP and a 1 ½ HP would be plenty
  • They made the B&D practically the same size as Pentair and Hayward for easy replacement.
  • It was a perfect height match for my Pentair and just about ¼” shorter from center of outflow to front of inflow.  Luckily, I was able to slide my sand filter ¼” and then it was perfect.  The wiring was a cinch.  Just 3 wires in the box and the ground to earth wire.  I have seen people say you can’t fit a 90 degree flex fitting on, but I had no problem and if it was I would have simply taken the fan cover off.

    Pros Over Pentair

  • Quieter than even the quiet VS Pentair
  • Simpler Scheduling Set-up
  • Warranty 5 year B&D vs. 3 months Pentair
  • Shows the watts used at every RPM so you know exactly what it costs you to run the pump
  • Comes with 2” or 1 ½” pipe fittings. (I didn’t use either as it was a perfect match to my old Pentair.  I literally just screwed [the] old ones off, then screwed them onto [the] new pump.
  • I saved $1,000!


  • The orange and black color scheme. (It’s a reach, but I really haven’t seen a con yet.)  

    I will update my post if warranted, but so far it kicks the other brand’s butt.


    Wow!  What a great success story, Sharon!  Thank you for sharing all the work you put into researching this pump and the pleasant outcome you have experienced.  Sharon is just one of many satisfied customers that at first thought they had to go with the “Big Brands” to get a quality pump.  The truth is, the BLACK + DECKER has become a “Big Brand” quality pump.  They just have more features and benefits and are at a lower price point so you don’t have to break the back to replace your broken or antiquated swimming pool pump.  Take a look at what different size BLACK + DECKER Variable Speed Pool Pumps are available for you to purchase right now!  Don’t delay on the fantastic energy savings these pumps offer.  See you poolside!


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