The Best Above Ground Pool Pumps

Pump Pump Pump Pump it up! 

You ready to party? A pool party at your place? Even better. I’m there. But before you invite everyone over you need to make sure that you own the right above ground pool pumps. 

First you should check whether you actually own an above ground pool. No worries if you’re not confident. It’s better to be safe than sorry that you wasted money on something. Read our where we break down the different types of pools that you might own. 

Now that you’ve got your facts straight you know that you own an above ground pool. Where do you go from here? Buying the best possible pump you can find on the market. 

Why is this so important? Pumps are the basis of your water circulation. Good circulation is crucial to creating a pool worth swimming in. If you want a high quality pool then you need a high quality pump. 

A pump moves the water around your pool by pushing it through the filter and back into your pool. Technically pumps are made up of two parts: the pump and the motor. 

The pump is the bucket with a lid and a basket inside. There is also an impeller that spins very fast. That is the force that moves the water in and out.

The motor is the dense cylinder behind the bucket with the lid. It powers the impeller.

Pumps come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and speeds. Speed is the most crucial factor. It’s measured in horsepower and typically ranges from ¾ horsepower to 4 horsepower.

What kind of pump you need depends on the type of pool that you own. Bigger pools require more horsepower. So, if you have a big pool then you have a need for speed. 

But if you have a smaller pool then there’s no need for a pump that’s too fast and too furious. Make sure you get the above ground pump that’s the right fit for you. 

But how do you actually figure out how much water is in your pool? Sounds like you’ll need to do some math. I’m guessing you don’t like the sound of that. 

Don’t sweat it. We’re here to make this as easy as possible for you. Our article on achieving proper circulation breaks down the formula for you so that all you need to do is put the numbers into a calculator. 

Once you determine the water volume of your pool it’s time to find the best possible above pool pumps. We’ve got all the best options right here for you.   


The future is now and it kicks ass. The D-Terminator Series is a powerful, technologically advanced machine that will pump your pool up. 

Its Dual Port Discharge gives you both vertical and horizontal discharge to choose from. 

The eCPU Auto Switch 2 Speed Motor with Automatic Energy Conservation will save you money with its high-level efficiency. 

Since its patented pre-bonded HLT to meet the new local codes, there are also no after market costs of components. And its standard plug or twist-lock plug offers the flexibility you’re looking for. 


The Above Ground Bond Master Series shares many features with the D-Terminator Series with its Dual Port Discharge, patented pre-bonded HLT to meet the new local codes, and the flexibility of a standard plug or twist-lock plug.

But Bond is just a man, not a machine. Alright well I guess this is still a machine. But rather a dual speed motor, the Above Ground Bond Master Series has a single speed motor. 

It also has built-in internal bonding plates and comes with pre-bonded hair & lint trap housing. And there’s no need for extra hardware installations so after one purchase you can hold onto your hard earned cash. 


The Above Ground Hurricane-D Series will rock you like a, well you know. It comes with the revolutionary Dual-Port Discharge Unit that will make any pump either horizontal or vertical with the twist of a cap. You won’t lose a sale because you don’t have the right pump in stock. It is a life altering design for any pool owner. 


The Above Ground Hurricane-D2 Series takes it to the next level with a two speed motor. 


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