The Filters You Need for Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Filters

Have you ever smoked a cigarette without a filter? Don’t worry we won’t tell your doctor. Pool guru patient confidentiality.  

A pool without a filtration system is like that except for you don’t get a heightened buzz. A dirty pool will just make you feel dirty. 

Filters clear out the tiny particles that threaten to make your pool water gross to swim in. Without a highly functioning one, destructive debris will build up over time. 

Every pool owner needs a high quality filter system. You know what a pool is without a functional filter? An expensive puddle. That’s a disaster for any pool owner.

Good thing we’re here to help you find the perfect filter for your inground pool. 

But first you need to see whether you actually have an inground pool. If you don’t know it’s not the end of the world. We’re here to help you out. Check out this article where our experts break down the different types of pools you could possibly own. 


Cartridge filters are a tank with a big round filter cartridge or potentially multiple cartridges inside that look similar to an air filter from your car. The water gets pushed through the filter mesh and then back to your swimming pool. 

As long as you properly maintain cartridge filters, they are better at purifying the water than a sand filter. But like the D.E. filters mentioned they require more special care. From time to time, you’ll have to take out the cartridges and wash them down with a hose. Also they should be soaked in a filter cleaning solution at least once a year. 

The Cartridge Filter System linked to above is the best version of this type of filter system on the market. Here are some of its unique features:

  • 1 piece ABS spin-off Lid and Locking Ring
  • 100% Reemay® Cartridge Material
  • Fiber-Mesh Reinforced End Caps
  • Built-in Auto-Actuated Check Valve
  • Top Mounted Easy Read Pressure Gauge
  • 6 Sizes Available 


This sort of filter is named after the chemical that makes it unique, Diatomaceous Earth, a fine white powder that filter your pool water. The outside of the grids are lined with the D.E. powder, and the pool water is cleaned as it's pulled through. After purification the water then flows back into your swimming pool.

D.E. filters are superior to any other filter type in terms of their ability to keep your pool water as pure as possible. The only issue is that they require more maintenance. D.E. powder has to be replenished on each backwash cycle, and the grids must be cleaned at least once each pool season.

The Hydro Max Power Clean D.E. Filters is one of the best two options on the market. Here are the features that make it so special: 

  • 1 piece ABS spin-off Lid and Locking Ring
  • Black Diamond reinforced vertical style DE septum
  • Reinforced End Caps
  • Holds more dirt, creating longer filter cycles and less servicing
  • 2 Isolation Gate Valves
  • Quick release union style hose adapter on the lid
  • Top Mounted Easy Read Pressure Gauge
  • 6 Sizes Available


The Hydro Max D.E. Filter System is the other best D.E. filter system you can buy. This is what makes it stand out: 

  • Power CleanTM Valve
  • 4 Isolation Valves
  • High Pressure Vinyl Hose w/ Unions
  • 2ea. 6’ Hoses


The last type of filter is a sand filter in which the pool water flows into a multiport valve, down through a thick bed of filter sand, back up the muliport valve, then returns to your pool via the return jets. 

While they’re the least effective of the three kinds of filters when it comes to filtering, sand filters definitely take the least amount of work to manage. They need barely any maintenance other than replacing the sand once every 5 years.

The AC 186 & AC 226 (Mega Clean Series) are one of the best three sand filters you can buy. Here’s what makes them unique: 

  • 6-Way Valve
  • 1 1/2” Tread Ports
  • Top Mount Multi-Port Design
  • Available in 18” and 22” Sizes
  • 1 Piece Blow Molded Tank
  • Free Standing Pedestal Base


AC 236GS , AC 196GS & AC 166GS (The Guardian Series) is another excellent brand of sand filters. These are some of their great features: 

  • Top Mount Multi-Port Design
  • Available in 16”, 19” and 23” Sizes
  • 1 Piece Blow Molded Tank
  • Free Standing Pedestal Base


Last but not least is the Compact Sand Filter System, which is a state of the art machine. Here are some of its excellent attributes:

  • Tank Connection Fittings
  • Pressure Hose
  • (2) 6’ Filter Connection Hoses
  • Stainless Steel Clamps 5 each
  • Hose Fittings 5 each
  • Top Mount Multi-Port Design
  • 1 Piece Blow Molded Tank
  • 1/2 & 3/4 HP Motor & Pump Available


This article explains how you can backwash your pool filter efficiently. Want to know how to clean the bottom of your pool? Read more here.

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